This autonomous Volvo FH has no driver. It hauls limestone on a five kilometer stretch between the mine itself and the crusher. There are five such trucks running in this operation.
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Autonomous Volvo FHs go onto full action

The autonomous truck is far away from South Africa’s reality but in Europe, it is becoming more and more of a reality with this story giving our local readers a glimpse into the type of developments taking place in countries

To optimise its solution to Nulaid, Imperial Logistics has invested in purpose-built “egg spec” vehicles, with insulated bodies, vents and fans. The trucks also feature drop safes in the cabs for cash handling. Some 12 million eggs are distributed annually.
Nulaid contract is extended for Imperial Logistics
A proud Rudy du Plooy (left), Netstar General Manager: Software Development and Quintin De Kok, Netstar Developer, with the TT100 awards.
Altron’s Netstar wins top award
Hino SA driver trainer Joseph Peme (left) giving feedback to drivers from OK Bazaars, Bloemfontein, and Cosmetics after their orientation and evaluation sessions.
Major benefits flow from Hino driver training programme
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Fleetwatch is with Hollard Zambia and 2 others.December 17, 2018 at 6:55pm
Hollard toasts the best of the best!

There was something significantly apt when the announcement of the 2018 Hollard Highway Heroes was heralded in with an energetic performance by a group of Gumboot dancers at a function held in Johannesburg recently. Just as there was a deeper intent behind…

Hollard #FWNews #driverwellness
Fleetwatch is with MAN Truck & Bus South Africa and 6 others.December 17, 2018 at 4:05am
Giving drivers an ecosystem of support

Gerotek, South Africa’s world leading vehicle test and training centre, recently came alive with the vibrant sounds of celebrations as the OneLogix Group gathered with clients and staff to celebrate the achievements of its top drivers and announce the winners of its annual Driver of the Year competition…

#Onelogix #FWNews #Driverwellness #yourtruckyourgym
Fleetwatch is with Crystal Cool Logistix.December 16, 2018 at 6:15am
This clearly shows the importance of clearly marked reflective tape. You not only able to see the truck clearly but you also able to see the exact width of the truck.

#trucking #roadsafety #fleetwatch
FleetwatchDecember 16, 2018 at 6:11am
Dec 15th - 8.00pm: Just got a call from a motorist about 80 kay's Cape Town side of Laingsburg on the N1. About six trucks riding on each others backsides not leaving any gap between them for motorists to overtake. And when there is a gap, they trying to overtake each other. C'mon truckers. You can do better than that. You got families out there not as used to the road as you are. You giving them 132metres overtaking distance instead of 22 meters. Leave gaps between each truck and help them through. Look after the little 'uns. Get those gaps in place and chill out for them.
Fleetwatch is in Colesberg.December 15, 2018 at 10:05pm
We just came across the Vibro Bricks & Paving Fleet on the N1 towards Colesberg and what a sight! A huge thumbs up to the team from Vibro Bricks & Paving and Caring Daisies for this amazing initiative giving hope to SA farmers.

Trucker’s do care!! Hearts of gold!
FleetwatchDecember 11, 2018 at 10:30pm
Dec 11th: Not sure about you but at FleetWatch we’re still hard at it hitting the keyboards and pumping the action button before the country shuts down for the Festive Season. Of course, one sector that never closes is the trucking sector with thousands of truckers out on the road taking the goodies to holiday venues around the country so that holiday-makers can enjoy their chops and their dops. For those of you behind the wheels and still at your desks, here’s an early Christmas greeting from the full team at the OneLogix Group who got into the Festive Spirit after launching the first PBS tanker on the market. The launch last week was a great celebration of innovation and achievement which ended with jolly round table camaraderie which we decided to share with all in the industry. So here’s good wishes to all in the industry from the good folk at OneLogix United Bulk and the rest of the merry crew – including Dave van Graan from MAN Automotive.
CHRISTMAS CHEER TO ALL FROM THIS MERRY TRUCKING CREW Dec 11th: Not sure about you but at FleetWatch we’re still hard at it hitting the keyboards and pumping ...
Seven speedsters and 11 drunk drivers were arrested by the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department on Reconciliation Day.
Chris Chameleon has caused a stir among fans when he hinted that his biological father might be the popular 1980s lounge singer Bles Bridges.
Leonie Bridges, the widow of popular 1980s lounge singer Bles Bridges, responded to a mysterious Facebook post made by local singer Chris Chameleon.
Nearly 25 years after the end of apartheid, the statue of Paul Kruger still looms in Church Square in Pretoria, at the heart of a discussion over whether such relics should be scrapped or kept as reminders of a harsh past.
Former President Jacob Zuma still believes that if properly guided, something positive can come out of EFF leader Julius Malema.
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