Those were the days. This is a June 1977 cash slip for petrol - 48,7 litres of petrol cost R12.38. It’s now June 2018 and you can’t get one litre at that price today. I put in 40.30 litres of 95 two days ago in Bloemfontein and it cost R650.05 at R16.13 a litre. Eieeesh! Now think of this in terms of a truck filling up its 600 litre tank with diesel at today’s price. It’s become scary!
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Expect another fuel price hike in July

Fuel prices look set for another jump going into July. This is according to the Automobile Association (AA) which was commenting on unaudited mid-month fuel data released by the Central Energy Fund (CEF).  “Since the start of June, the Rand

The only person obeying the rules of the road in this picture is the truck driver. Note the student on the cell phone. It reminds me of a video we recently featured in FleetWatch where the cell phone acts as a total distraction to pedestrians. This kid will not see on-coming vehicles while busy on the cell phone – never mind that fact that it is illegal to cross a highway. It’s inviting death.
Spike in pedestrian fatalities on N1 and N4
Managament and employees celebrating the production of 1-million EA111 engines in the VW Engine Plant. A magnificent achievement for the company and for South Africa.
A story which captures our national pride
“You shouldn’t let your current situation determine your future.” So says Amanda Ngqoleka who, at one stage, found it difficult to believe in herself and yet today, with the help of the Engen Graduate Development Programme, is a graduate of the University of KwaZulu-Natal where she achieved a BSc Chemistry and Chemical Technology degree. Way to go Amanda! May others follow your example. And well done to Engen on this great initiative.
Anything is possible says this inspirational young lady
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#4 - Too many calls made to Facebook. Here are some possible solutions to fix the error.
Immigrants working as independent contractors for food delivery companies such as Uber Eats, MrD Food and OrderIn, say they are exploited.
Three minibus taxi owners and a bystander have been injured in a shooting at Cape Town's busy Joe Slovo taxi rank near Canal Walk shopping centre.
An attempted cash-in-transit heist has been foiled in Mooinooi in the North West after the driver managed to get himself and his armoured car to safety after coming under fire, according to police.
New research from the IJR shows most South Africans believe land reform is important to address inequality and further reconciliation, writes Mikhail Moosa.
Teachers at a school in Strand have fallen victim to armed hijackers, prompting Western Cape MEC for Education Debbie Schäfer to call for increased police visibility.
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Patrick O'Leary interviews Eicher, Surenda Singh on the company's plans in South Africa
Emergency braking test demo Volvo
How not to do it! Let's learn. How could this have been avoided?
Autonomous Garbage Collection Truck - Volvo. See more in the next e-Magazine
Second Round. Petronas Urania Grand Prix Truck – Italy