When President Jacob Zuma rambled on about “meandos” in Parliament recently, no-one knew what he was on about. However, always quick off the mark, Nando’s picked up what he was really asking for - a good basket of peri-peri chicken from Nando’s. He was just battling to pronounce the name properly. So they posted a Facebook graphic to let him know that while the rest of the country was confused, they knew exactly what he wanted. And now, after being reappointed as Nando’s chosen supply chain and distribution partner, Vector Logistics will be delivering the Meando’s to the president.
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Vector Logistics to deliver Meando’s to the President

It was only a few weeks ago that FleetWatch ran a story telling of Vector Logistics securing a new contract for distributing Pick ‘n Pay’s entire basket of frozen products – including ice-cream – across all its store formats nationwide.

A blast from the past. This picture of Stefan Joselowitz, CEO of MiX Telematics, goes back to the year 2000 when the then Matrix Vehicle Tracking was making giant strides in the local market. Under the leadership of Joselowitz, the company has expanded into an international force which is showing strong growth in overseas markets while continuing to thrive in our local market under the MiX Telematics banner. It’s a great South African success story.
MiX Telematics shows strong performance in USA, Brazil and Africa
The culmination of almost two years of work has seen the official opening of the Afrit Group’s new 80 000m2 truck and trailer facility located near OR Tambo International Airport.
AFRIT Group opens commercial hub for transport sector
This wall mounted device known as Alcontrol has been introduced by ALCO-Safe as a means of allowing employees the opportunity to self-test their alcohol levels before entering the premises. It’s great ‘out the box thinking’ for it takes away the employer’s ‘nanny status’ and puts responsibility into the employee’s hands when it comes to alcohol abuse.
Alcontrol breathalyser allows voluntary alcohol testing
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Nov 23rd: I am soooo pissed off. I could have lost my son and five of his friends in a violent protest incident last night. Excuse me if I ramble on but I need to share it to get it off my chest - and I know I can share it with my trucking friends. My son currently has a group of his best buddies from his university days in Savannah, USA, visiting South Africa for the first time – two of them with their wives. For months he planned the trip to show them the best South Africa has to offer. They arrived towards the end of last week and since then, he has taken them to a host of South African attractions: the Lion Park which they thoroughly enjoyed; a downtown Johannesburg market; different local restaurants and of course, hosted them to a traditional South African home braai. He has been so proudly South African showing off his country to his American mates and their wives and it has been wonderful to see. Yesterday they went to Sun City for two days. Tomorrow they fly to Cape Town. Up to last night, they were having an awesome time and their impression of South Africa was great. Now, they are in shock. Having fitted in a late afternoon game drive through the Pilanesberg game reserve, they set off for our home. They were in two cars. When they got close to the N4 driving along the R566 from Sun City, it was dark and they noticed some fires ahead. Thinking it may be veld fires, they continued. It wasn’t. They were suddenly confronted by huge boulders in the road. Realising that they were in danger, they did a quick U-Turn to gap it. Unfortunately, the one car – my wife’s car - driven by one of my son’s American friends was not fast enough and he saw about 20 people rushing at him. They were throwing rocks at the car. One rock smashed through the back side window completely shattering it. Another hit the windscreen. Others hit the side of the car. Luckily, my son’s friend kept his foot down and they got away. They are now safely back at Sun City where they are all staying for the night. They should have been here safely in our house telling joyful stories of their experiences. Thank God they are all OK. It could have been worse. As the one friend said to me on the phone: “It was all so fast but thankfully we got away. If the car had stalled or something, I hate to think what would have happened to us.” I cringe when I think what could have happened to them. Stuff this place man - stuff it? I am just so angry and my anger is directed at one man. His name is Jacob Zuma. I once wrote an article around road safety titled: “Mr President, come walk in the blood with us.” I thought that if he walked in the blood on the scene of a road accident and saw close up the horror of such scenes, he might do something about bringing down our road death rate. He has done nothing. And he still hasn’t walked in the blood. On so many fronts, he has done nothing as a leader except steer this country onto a path of total destruction and disorder by focussing only on enriching himself, his family and his close allies like those despicable Guptas. Zuma, you have killed the spirit of South Africa – and South Africans - through your actions. You always put on a good show in pretending to care for the poor but you care nothing for anyone but yourself. You don't give a toss about the poor or any other South African outside of your immediate close little self-enriching circle. You are such a small, tiny little man and South Africa deserves so much better than you. There are riots and protests all over the country on a daily basis – most sparked by the lack of service delivery due to all funds going into your and your mates’ pockets. But you know nothing of these people and their woes. You are too busy enriching yourself and your buddies to care about the people who are protesting – or their reasons. Nor do you care or know about any innocent victims who get caught up in those protests - like my son and his friends were tonight. Zuma, just do South Africa a big favour. Take yourself and your horrible little Gupta mates and get the hell out of here. And I’m not saying this because you’re black and I’m white. I voted racism out in 1994 so don't come with that racist crap to me. I’m saying it because you’re a useless president, a total failure as a leader and a total liability to this country. You are destroying this country - and my son and his visiting friends were very close to having their lives destroyed tonight through the disorder that characterises South Africa under your so-called leadership. If that had happened, I don't think I would be so kind with my words or my actions. Just go! Get out of here! And take your Gupta mates with you. You have done enough damage – including turning my son’s pride in his country to total embarrassment and shame; and that really pisses me off. And by the way Zuma, these friends were students a long time ago. They are now prominent in their various fields in America, one being a director in a very, very, very, very, large international company which has far, far, far, far more money than the combined billions accumulated by you and your circle of family and friends. What message will they now take back and spread about South Africa? Zuma, do like Bob Mugabe and go. You have done enough damage so just get out of here so that we can start rebuilding what you have destroyed. Luckily it was the windscreen and window of the car that was violently destroyed in this incident (see pictures below). If it had been the life of my son or any one of his friends that was destroyed, I would be in a different frame of mind and I don't want to go into that space.
FleetwatchNovember 19, 2017 at 7:57am
*‼🗣Urgent Crime Watch🗣‼*
Please note in recent weeks a number of trucks have been hijacked on the N3 between De Hoek Plaza and the R550. The vehicles that seems to be popping up is a White Golf - unmarked with blue lights in the dashboard. The Golf first flash lights and then use blue light to get truckers to stop. There is also and unmarked Ranger doing the same. Please inform all drivers to rather put on Hazzards and to drive to the nearest police station instead of pulling over. Alternatively ask them to phone *10111* and to keep on the line until the operater can confirm that the vehicle flagging them down is a legitimate vehicle. They can also phone *Ekurhuleni East OCC on 011 363 5457 or 5458* and report such activity to our control room so that we can dispatch vehicles to assist. *Heidelberg SAPS 016 341 0361* will assist in the area between De Hoek Tollgate and R550. Drivers are discouraged to stop along the N3 for any other reason than an emergency. Please ask them to rather stop at the way bridge or a well lit and secure environment. If Drivers do fall victim please ask them to memorise as much details as possible, such as the registration numbers and make models etc. ~ Lt. Col. Droskie EEC Vispol.
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80 Traffic Officials trained with 6 out of 8 trucks served with discontinuation notices!

Another successful Brake & Tyre Watch was held this week at Bapong Traffic Control Centre in the North West with FleetWatch and its partners training approximately 80 Traffic Officials spotting unroadworthy signs on trucks. Out of 8 trucks tested, 6 were given discontinuation notices and the other two were served fines and taken off the road for their service crews to come and replace shoddy tyres. The response from the Traffic Officials was incredibly positive with one commenting at the end of the second day that “now I feel empowered to do my job’.

A huge thank you to our partners including Bridgestone, Wabco, Imperial Road Safety, Standard Bank, HCV, South African Road Federation, BPW, MiX Telematics, Bakwena, Woodford and Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Without our partners this would not be possible!

Until next year, the Brake & Tyre Watch Team and partners wishes you a safe and merry festive season! We will seeing you all again next year to empower and train more Traffic Officials!
FleetwatchNovember 15, 2017 at 10:14pm
Traffic Officials feeling motivated for the training today! No harm in a bit of fun!

#BrakeTyreWatch WABCO Automotive SA Imperial Road Safety Bridgestone SA, HCV, Mercedes-Benz South Africa MiX Telematics Bakwena Platinum Corridor Concessionaire South African Road Federation Standard Bank - South Africa
The sentencing of convicted murderer Christopher Panayiotou and his accomplices is set to be handed down in the Eastern Cape High Court in Port Elizabeth.
Convicted murderer Christopher Panayiotou and his co-accused are to be sentenced in the Eastern Cape High Court sitting in Port Elizabeth on Friday.
The mega shopping phenomenon known as Black Friday, which originated in the US, has taken SA by storm, with people braving long queues since midnight to get massively discounted goods.
President Jacob Zuma has met with all seven ANC presidential hopefuls ahead of the party's fiercely contested December elective conference.
There has been no progress towards reblocking Imizamo Yethu in Hout Bay since the fire in March that left several thousand people homeless.
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