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Editor’s Comment By Patrick O’Leary It was two years ago that we took some time off to relax at the coast. Our wonderful in-laws, Frans and Elsa Saunders, whose son married my eldest daughter, have a stunning place down in

This autonomous Volvo FH has no driver. It hauls limestone on a five kilometer stretch between the mine itself and the crusher. There are five such trucks running in this operation.
Autonomous Volvo FHs go onto full action
To optimise its solution to Nulaid, Imperial Logistics has invested in purpose-built “egg spec” vehicles, with insulated bodies, vents and fans. The trucks also feature drop safes in the cabs for cash handling. Some 12 million eggs are distributed annually.
Nulaid contract is extended for Imperial Logistics
A proud Rudy du Plooy (left), Netstar General Manager: Software Development and Quintin De Kok, Netstar Developer, with the TT100 awards.
Altron’s Netstar wins top award
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FleetWatch was launched in 1993 initially as a fleet risk management journal, and has since evolved into a trucking magazine covering all aspects of the trucking industry with the primary focus on the “issues” facing modern day truckers. The magazine operates under a banner of independent and objective journalism while striving to elevate the trucking industry onto a platform of high priority within the context of the South African economy. We regard ourselves as partners in the industry rather than just mere reporters on the business of trucking. Our prime readership target is aimed at management operating in all areas of transport - ‘professional haulage’ for reward as well as ancillary operators who run transport as part of their overall operations. Many companies have followed the modern trend of outsourcing their transport and the suppliers of such services are also addressed as our target audience. We also get to product suppliers and service providers. The latest Audit Bureau of Circulation figures (January - June 2009) certifies our current distribution at 5 050 copies per month. FleetWatch was voted by the Specialist Press Association as South Africa’s Best Transport magazine six years in a row - 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 & 1999. The magazine has won 60 awards for publishing and journalistic excellence since its launch in 1993 - the most ever won by any magazine in the history of MPASA. (Magazine Publishers Association of South Africa). To get in touch with us, please make use of the FEEDBACK form posted on our site or call us on +27 11 794 2490 – we’d love to hear from you! In the meantime, we leave you with the highest Irish wish: “May the wind be always at your back”. Keep on Trucking, Patrick O’Leary Publisher and Managing Editor
Fleetwatch shared SA Long-distance Truckers's post.January 19, 2019 at 8:23am
Beaufort West. Again a trucker has been assaulted by the thugs who prey on innocent truck drivers. What action has been taken after that meeting to resolve this problem. We need to know. Such attacks can no longer be tolerated.
FleetwatchJanuary 17, 2019 at 2:12am
Jan 16th: Just attended Minister of Transport Dr Blade Nzimande's press conference where he released the preliminary Festive Season statistics on road fatalities for the period Dec 1, 2018 to January 8, 2019. Sadly, fatalities are up by 7 percent over the same period last year. The total number of fatalities was 1612 compared to last year's 1508 - an increase of 104 people killed on our roads. South Africa can hang it's head in shame at this huge and preventable loss of life. I weep as I extend FleetWatch's sincere condolences to the 1612 families who have lost their loved ones. May God Bless you and ease your pain.
FleetwatchJanuary 16, 2019 at 3:07am
Jan 15th: I came a across a crash scene this morning on Beyers Naude where a car had allegedly driven into the side of a tipper truck hitting the rear axle and causing the truck to topple and spill its load of bricks and rubble over the road. The driver of the truck was OK and the driver of the car sustained injuries and was treated on the scene by ER24 paramedics before being taken to hospital. It was a hard bash with the front axle of her car being ripped from the vehicle and the rear rim of the truck badly buckled. Thank goodness it was not a head-on. The road was a mess and traffic was held up on both sides. Fire fighters - both men and women - from the Krugersdorp Fire Department got stuck in to clear the rubble from the road using shovels and brooms to ensure the road could be opened as quickly as possible. Their work is seldom recognised and FleetWatch would like to use this one example to highlight the great work our firefighter do on crash scenes. Salute to them!
FleetwatchJanuary 15, 2019 at 12:28am
Jan 14th: The truck blockade staged last night between Tugela and Van Reenen on the N3 was eventually broken up when Traffic Officials and the SAPS moved in and arrested four drivers who will appear in court tomorrow. The trucks which had blocked the road were moved and the south bound lane was opened at around 1.30am. Unfortunately, two trucks had by that time been burnt by the protestors – one pictured below. The north-bound lane was opened at 3.30am and traffic got back to its normal flow at around 6.00am. The reason for the long time taken for normal traffic flow to return was due to there being about a 7km backlog of trucks on both sides of the road due to the blockade. FleetWatch has no idea who is behind the action but one thing is for sure, a handful of people once again served to hold up South Africa’s main economic artery costing the country and the industry many millions of Rand at a time when South Africa cannot afford to waste even one Rand – and that is not on. There is a better way to air grievances but unless the organisation – or individuals – who are responsible come forward, where does one start. The problem here is that who, in their right mind, will come forward to accept liability and responsibility for two trucks being burnt and millions of Rand being lost. And are they linked to last year’s disaster that took place at Mooi River or the previous blockade that took place on Van Reenen’s pass? By blockading roads and burning trucks, they are setting themselves up for failure in getting any action on the message they are trying to get through. They are also setting themselves up for a ‘Guilty’ verdict when it comes to the damage incurred on trucks and the industry through their actions. Let’s hope the court goes further than just fining or sentencing the four arrested. Who are they representing is what we need to know?
FleetwatchJanuary 14, 2019 at 9:52am
Jan 13th - 11.45pm: I have just spoken to a truck driver who is caught up in the truck blockade between Tugela and Van Reenen. He confirms that one truck has been burnt and I have received confirmation from another source that a second truck has been set alight. The driver told me that a group of men walked down the line of trucks from the start point of the blockade (around the Pyramids Motel) and knocked on driver’s doors asking if they were local or foreign. The driver I spoke to said one of the truck drivers ahead of him ran away from the men (he was probably a foreign driver) and they then set his truck alight. “I can also now see smoke further up the hill,” he said. (That would be the second truck which I have received confirmation of being burnt). When they reached the driver I spoke to, they opened his door and shouted aggressively: “Hey, you a foreigner or what? Where you going?” They left satisfied with his answers that he was a local and continued down the line. So it is definitely confirmed that the blockade is, once again, against the employment of foreign drivers. I have also spoken to a senior traffic official on the scene who says they are awaiting for reinforcements. He cannot give any indication of how long the road will be blocked so FleetWatch’s advice to all truckers using the N3 tonight is to stay away from Van Reenens Pass. You will not get through and it could be a long night. As mentioned in a previous post, use the R74 as an alternative route if you can and call the N3TC’s route control centre for periodical updates on 0800634357.
Fleetwatch added 3 new photos.January 14, 2019 at 8:23am
Jan 13th – 10.00pm: Urgent alert to all truckers using the N3. Both north and south lanes between the Tugela Plaza and Van Reenen have been blocked by protesting truck drivers. Trucks are heavily stacked on both lanes and I have just received confirmation that the N3TC has shut the Tugela plaza so as to prevent trucks from being caught in the backlog going up to Van Reenen. See the one picture below. Apparently, although yet to be confirmed, the drivers are protesting against the employment of foreign drivers by South African companies – again. The police are on the scene. Once again, as per last week, the advice to truckers is to hang in at Harrismith or on the south side of the Tugela plaza in a safe place until the road is opened – which at this stage no-one knows how long that will take. The alternative route using the R74 can also be taken but drive carefully as there will no doubt be a lot of cars, trucks and taxis using that route.
Bosasa's former bagman and chief operating officer Angelo Agrizzi continues his explosive testimony before the state capture commission of inquiry.
Ernest Vusi Mabaso was facing seven counts of murder and three rape charges.
Fisheries Minister Senzeni Zokwana has cited the need to protect classified documents in an attempt to get the Western Cape High Court to order the department's director general to stop the disciplinary proceedings of three officials.
Bogus colleges are mushrooming all over South Africa, the Department of Higher Education and Training has warned, as it embarks on a countrywide public awareness campaign.
Chaos could erupt again at this year's State of the Nation Address, EFF leader Julius Malema has warned - and this time it could be centred around recent corruption allegations that emerged at the state capture commission of inquiry.
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