When President Jacob Zuma rambled on about “meandos” in Parliament recently, no-one knew what he was on about. However, always quick off the mark, Nando’s picked up what he was really asking for - a good basket of peri-peri chicken from Nando’s. He was just battling to pronounce the name properly. So they posted a Facebook graphic to let him know that while the rest of the country was confused, they knew exactly what he wanted. And now, after being reappointed as Nando’s chosen supply chain and distribution partner, Vector Logistics will be delivering the Meando’s to the president.
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Vector Logistics to deliver Meando’s to the President

It was only a few weeks ago that FleetWatch ran a story telling of Vector Logistics securing a new contract for distributing Pick ‘n Pay’s entire basket of frozen products – including ice-cream – across all its store formats nationwide.

A blast from the past. This picture of Stefan Joselowitz, CEO of MiX Telematics, goes back to the year 2000 when the then Matrix Vehicle Tracking was making giant strides in the local market. Under the leadership of Joselowitz, the company has expanded into an international force which is showing strong growth in overseas markets while continuing to thrive in our local market under the MiX Telematics banner. It’s a great South African success story.
MiX Telematics shows strong performance in USA, Brazil and Africa
The culmination of almost two years of work has seen the official opening of the Afrit Group’s new 80 000m2 truck and trailer facility located near OR Tambo International Airport.
AFRIT Group opens commercial hub for transport sector
This wall mounted device known as Alcontrol has been introduced by ALCO-Safe as a means of allowing employees the opportunity to self-test their alcohol levels before entering the premises. It’s great ‘out the box thinking’ for it takes away the employer’s ‘nanny status’ and puts responsibility into the employee’s hands when it comes to alcohol abuse.
Alcontrol breathalyser allows voluntary alcohol testing
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Dec 11th: Take extra care out there guys. Weather is not being kind in various parts of the country. This video was sent to me by Philip Hull from the scene of a truck recovery earlier today on Van Reenens Pass where its now been raining for days. I am getting in a lot of reports of crashes from around the country- too many. Just take it easy and enjoy the ride.
FleetwatchDecember 9, 2017 at 11:10am
Dec 9th: Here’s a message to all receivers of goods. The supply chain does not start and end at your back door. Yes, many of you will be experiencing extra deliveries to cater for the increased traffic in your stores over this Festive Season but for goodness sake, give some consideration to the truckers who face huge delivery pressures at this time of the year. In the trucking industry, time is of the essence. I picked up on one driver today who had been waiting from 07:00 to offload four pallets in George. By 14:00 he was still there and still needed to drive to Port Elizabeth to deliver 32 pallets. “No way in hell will I be able to offload today. It's 38°C here today. Just a tad peeved off right now,” he said. I don’t blame him - sitting outside some receiving depot for over six hours in extreme heat knowing he still had to travel some 380 kms to his next drop off point. At an average speed of 80kph, that would take him over four hours. And he wouldn’t average 80kph. It would be lower than that. So by the time he arrived in PE, the receiving depot would be closed and he’d have to sleep over and wait the next morning to off-load. Once off-loaded, he would then have to chase to his next pick-up point and the customer would probably greet him with a terse “Why you late”. One delay has a concertina effect so c’mon all you receiving points, spare a thought for the truckers and get it right. It’s not just about you. AAARGH!!!!
Fleetwatch updated their cover photo.December 5, 2017 at 11:35pm
Fleetwatch is with Michelle O'Leary and 3 others.December 5, 2017 at 11:35pm

Please drive safely on the roads. Just remember before you get upset with a truck along the road, remember he might just be carrying your present for Christmas! Without trucks and truck driver’s your turkey won’t make it to your Christmas table, your beer won’t be in your hand on a hot day and your little one’s bicycle won’t be under the tree.

Let’s show appreciation to these wonderful individuals – the Santa’s on the roads!

Merry Christmas to all our Trucker’s on the roads! 🎄
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Nov 30th: Two women were killed and another critically injured when a truck crashed into a light motor vehicle causing it to roll at the DF Malan and R59 intersection in Sasolburg. ER24 paramedics, along with other services, arrived on the scene to find the truck lying on its side across two lanes. The light motor vehicle was found lying on the side of the road. Paramedics found the bodies of three women - two were found lying inside the vehicle while another was found lying outside. The two women inside the vehicle had sustained numerous fatal injuries and showed no signs of life. They were later declared dead. The third woman was found with numerous injuries and was in a critical condition. Paramedics treated the woman and provided her with advanced life support interventions before she was transported by another service, under ER24 advanced life support supervision, to a nearby hospital. The driver of the truck was assessed and found to have escaped injury. Local authorities were on the scene for further investigations. FleetWatch extends its condolences to the family of the deceased.
Ace Magashule has been re-elected as the chairperson of the ANC in the Free State, extending his 23-year reign in the province.
The South African Federation of Trade Unions has slammed the decision of NPA head Shaun Abrahams to extend President Jacob Zuma's deadline to submit his new representations on corruption charges.
The conclusion of the court case relating to President Jacob Zuma's removal of Mxolisi Nxasana as NDPP, which found against Zuma, does not mean that the presidential schedule has been cleared of court proceedings.
ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe has laughed off claims that he has been engaging in WhatsApp conversations with a student as alleged in a WeeklyXpose.co.za article.
The ANC's subcommittee on peace and stability says corruption is a "cancer" and it will be one of the issues discussed at the party's upcoming national elective conference.
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