AfriSam’s outbound logistics manager, Rob Sansom, is justifiably proud of the company being recognised as the ‘Best Fleet’ in the SARMA awards. “Each vehicle is like a billboard for the company so it must always deliver a positive impact,” he says.
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AfriSam wins Best Fleet and Best Plant awards

Congratulations to AfriSam which dominated the recent Southern African ReadyMix Association (SARMA) awards by winning two of the four accolades bestowed on the industry’s top performers for 2017. SARMA’s premier annual event – held in Gauteng during the recent Concrete

The Volvo International Service Training Awards competition is open to all countries. So c’mon SABOT, take Zimbabwe to the finals with your skilled technicians and show the world how it’s done. SABOT’s workshops in Harare are fully approved by Volvo Trucks.
Calling all Volvo truck and bus technicians
There is no denying the importance of the latest technology for a global logistics service provider. However, says Detlev Duve, managing director of Dachser South Africa, just as important are the staff operating these systems. This picture epitomizes this view. Note the human hand vital in operating the technology.
People are still the key in intelligent logistics
Fuel consumption is an important yet generally unacknowledged indicator of poor driving and this is one area where a fleet management telematics system could be a highly effective tool in tracking driving behaviour to effect improvements. Aspects of driving such as speeding, harsh breaking and excessive engine idling all have a major impact on fuel costs as well as safety.
Trucking industry sets good example for all drivers to follow
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Sept 23rd: Three people were killed this morning when a truck crashed into the side of a light motor vehicle at the N12 and R50 split in Delmas. ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene at 07h22 and found Provincial Services already on the scene. A wrecked light motor vehicle was found in the middle of the road while the truck had come to a stop a short distance away. Paramedics discovered the lifeless bodies of a woman and two men lying trapped inside the light motor vehicle. Assessments showed that all three patients had sustained numerous injuries and showed no signs or life. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for them and they were declared dead. The driver of the truck was assessed and found to have escaped injury. The details surrounding this incident are not yet known but local authorities were on the scene for further investigations.
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Sept 22nd: Huge congratulations to Lafas Kruger of RA Transport (second from left in the picture below) and Buza Ngcelwane from Dairy Farmers of South Africa (third from left) on winning the UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge Driver Competition in their two categories, Quester and Quon respectively. A total of 17 UD fleet drivers competed in either a Quester or a Quon truck-tractor in various challenges which took place at Gerotek yesterday. The cherry on top of the prizes received is that both Lafas and Buza will now travel to Japan in November to represent South Africa in the global finals of the competition against other winning drivers from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Omar, Qatar, Japan and Singapore. They are seen here with Gert Swanepoel, MD of UD Trucks Southern Africa (far left), and to the right of Buza is Catherine Wang, project manager of the global competition; Stefan Bronkhorst, GM, Fleet Sales for UD Trucks; and Ann Pienaar, manager, Fleet Sales for UD Trucks. Well done guys and best of luck in the finals in Japan. We’ll all be cheering for you. Also pictured below are all the competitors in the Quan and Questra categories with UD Trucks management as well as some pics of the guys in action on the track and the pre-trip inspection segments.
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Sept 20th: Two men were killed and another critically injured this morning when a truck and trailer overturned onto a light motor vehicle on the N1 at the Koeberg Interchange in Woodstock, Western Cape. ER24 paramedics, along with Metro and Life Healthcare, arrived on the scene to find the truck and trailer in the fast lane of the highway. A light motor vehicle had been completely crushed beneath a container that had been on the trailer. Paramedics found the driver of the truck hanging partially outside his vehicle. The man was quickly extricated from the vehicle and assessed. Paramedics found that the man had sustained a serious head injury and was in a critical condition. The man was immediately treated for his injuries and provided with advanced life support interventions. Once treated, the man was transported to Vincent Palotti Hospital for urgent care. Metro rescue services had to use a specialized crane to remove the container off the light motor vehicle, an operation lasting some time. Once the container had been lifted, paramedics found the bodies of two men lying trapped inside their vehicle. Unfortunately, both men had already succumbed to their multiple injuries. Nothing more could be done for them and they were declared dead. Local authorities were on the scene to determine the exact cause of the collision.
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Eco-Wash companies can you assist Natasha with her request below?
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An inquest docket has been opened after a Canadian man died after surfacing from a scuba dive without a pulse at Cape Point.
King Shaka kaSenzangakhona remains one of history’s greatest military strategists, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi has said at a Shaka Day commemoration.
It is unethical to use citizens’ hard-earned pension funds to rescue the failing SAA once again, says the DA.
It is a terrible weekend on our roads, with many fatal accidents already reported and more expected.
The debris of accident scenes has been scattered across South African roads since the start of the Heritage Day weekend.
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