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Freight forwarding challenges grow as economy struggles

Economic times are tough and there is no industry where it is more apparent than in the freight forwarding industry. Profit margins are low and...

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Truck Operating Costs

Truck Operating Benchmarks – August 2018

Market related owning & operating estimates for a variety of popular trucking operations. Download Truck Operating Costs Welcome to the FleetWatch truck operating benchmarks for February...

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OEM's on the Move

If January truck sales were anything to go by, we could see a lot more trucks lining up alongside this UD Croner during 2019.

Let’s hold thumbs for February truck sales

Let’s all hold thumbs for the February truck sales figures and hope they continue to shine as they did in January when the South...
Two Hino 1627 Crew Cab derivatives are available - one with a 6-speed manual gearbox and the other with a 6-speed Allision automatic transmission.

Hino 500 Crew Cab models arrive in South Africa

The Hino 500 Wide Cab range of heavy commercial trucks has been increased to 14 with the addition of two 1627 Crew Cab derivatives,...
It’s a good looker. The dry-liner body was built using Protec steel facings and an injected foam core.

Serco builds dry-liners for City Logistics

Serco has supplied eight Dry-Liner bodies for Durban-based City Logistics to add to its wide-ranging fleet. City Logistics has a comprehensive distribution network operating throughout...
Manufacture of Isuzu bakkies (top left of the picture) and trucks now takes place under one roof in Port Elizabeth.

Isuzu consolidates bakkie and truck plant

Isuzu Trucks South Africa chose Valentine’s Day to officially announce a new loving and close relationship between Isuzu bakkies and Isuzu trucks via the...


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