Vector Logistics to deliver Meando’s to the President

2017-11-09 11:43
When President Jacob Zuma rambled on about “meandos” in Parliament recently, no-one knew what he was on about. However, always quick off the mark, Nando’s picked up what he was really asking for - a good basket of peri-peri chicken from Nando’s. He was just battling to pronounce the name properly. So they posted a Facebook graphic to let him know that while the rest of the country was confused, they knew exactly what he wanted. And now, after being reappointed as Nando’s chosen supply chain and distribution partner, Vector Logistics will be delivering the Meando’s to the president.

It was only a few weeks ago that FleetWatch ran a story telling of Vector Logistics securing a new contract for distributing Pick ‘n Pay’s entire basket of frozen products – including ice-cream – across all its store formats nationwide. Now comes the news that Vector Logistics’ relationship with Nando’s is also set to continue as the company has been reappointed as Nando’s chosen supply chain and distribution partner.

The contract will see Vector Logistics focus on an efficient end-to-end supply chain solution for one of South Africa’s leading Food Service chains. Vector Logistics is a specialist multi-temperature third-party logistics service provider (3PL) and the logistics division of RCL FOODS.

The Nando’s contract sees Vector Logistics providing a world-class total supply chain solution, including the use of returnable packaging. Vector Logistics will be responsible for demand and supply planning across the network using their advanced software systems and full Sales & Operating Planning (S&OP) process with a strong focus on collaborative demand planning along with electronic data interchange and business-to-business (B2B) integration.

“Vector Logistics has a strong focus on efficiencies and continuous improvement. It is this philosophy that has positioned us as a committed partner rather than a typical service provider,” says managing director Chris Creed. “Our cutting-edge warehouse facilities, together with our truck IP which limits temperature deviations in transit, proves that our infrastructure is more than capable to meet Nando’s supply chain requirements.”

In addition to its IT systems (including the well-established use of SAP, its enterprise resource planning system), Vector Logistics boasts four state-of-the-art distribution hubs in strategic locations across the country: Cape Town, Durban, Midrand and Port Elizabeth.

Nando’s is the largest South African restaurant group to have expanded internationally. The contract with Vector Logistics is focused on a mutually beneficial supply chain offering to assist the brand to grow in the South African market.

“Our decision to extend our partnership with Vector Logistics was a comprehensive process which includes shared values, a committed partnership and collaboration for growth. In addition, expertise in managing fresh product end-to-end comes with complexities for which Vector is well positioned in Southern Africa,” says Linda Reddy, supply chain director for Nando’s IMEA.

So now you can follow a Vector Logistics truck not only for your ice-cream but also for your Nando’s chicken.

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