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FleetWatch Easter message to all truck drivers

Already the trucking industry, via various initiatives, is helping to spread the road safety message where it counts, out on the roads. FleetWatch urges all truckers to look after the little ‘uns over this Easter period. Get them through safely and please take extra care of yourselves as you will be sharing the roads with many ‘moegoes’ who don't have a clue about road safety. (The poster displayed on the truck is a FleetWatch Initiative for Road Safety. Thanks to Imperial Logistics for spreading the message on its trucks)

Hi there all you wonderful guys and gals behind the wheels of the ‘big-wheelers’. Firstly, to those of you who will be off the road this weekend spending time with your families, we wish you a great holiday. And to those who will be out on the roads, we thank and salute you for keeping the wheels of the economy turning while everyone else is fishing.

We also have a big favour to ask. As you are aware, this weekend you are going to be sharing the roads with many thousands of small cars, taxis, buses and motorbikes. The reality is that many of these drivers do not know how to drive. They are not used to long distances and maybe hit out for the open road once or twice a year when they go on holiday. Otherwise, their driving experience is limited to going to work and back or, for many moms, driving to school and back to drop off and pick up the kids.

You truck drivers, however, are out there every day and know the dangers and joy of the open road. Some of the little ‘uns are going to be doing some pretty stupid things. When they do, don’t get the ‘moer-in’ with them. Just tolerate them and help get them through safely.

Be friendly, courteous and polite despite the fact that you are going to get some real moegoes who view you as a hindrance to them getting where they going in the shortest time possible. That’s what makes this period so dangerous. People have only a few days to drive hundreds of kilometres, unpack, get pissed, pack again and drive back hundreds of kilometres before they recover from their babalases. They are thus going to be speeding, overtaking on blind rises and/or solid lines, impatiently crawling right up your back-side where you can’t see them in your blind spot – and doing a host of other dumb things.

The problem, of course, is that many of these actions will lead to horrific crashes where bodies are left lying all over the road. We don’t want that and it is thus FleetWatch pleads with you to take care of the little ‘uns out there. Show them how to share the roads in harmony. Just look after them please.

And a Happy Easter to each and every one of you. May the Easter Bunny be kind and bring you heaps of eggs – and hopefully some chops and boerewors as well. Be safe and thank you for what you do for South Africa. Please be safe out there.

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