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Trailer Maintenance Training – 10 May 2019 (Durban)

Johan van der Merwe of Wabco shows the rights and wrongs of Suzi hose connections to his team members, many of whom are not aware of how important suzihoses are on a rig.

FleetWatch – along with its partners – has been staging the successful Brake & Tyre Watch campaign since 2007 which trains traffic officials countrywide to learn to detect faults on trucks and trailers. There is, however, a great need to train the operators and their personnel to prevent the ongoing lack of maintenance which makes many trucks and trailers death-traps on the road. FleetWatch, as the leading source of action and information on this subject, will now be hosting workshops called Trailer Maintenance Training (TMT). The FleetWatch Brake & Tyre Watch team have proved the dire need for TMT as 70% of trailers out there are ‘vrot’ – real stats of vehicles taken from B&TW events!

The problem is far more complex than enforcement alone and a seemingly impossible cultural change of care is needed. RTMS (Road Transport Management System) is one answer and a multi-facet, integrated approach will slowly get us there.

In the meantime, while we continue to get effi cient enforcement in place, let’s plug the hole left by an absence of training. When it
comes to trailers, management don’t have policies and technicians
never receive training – trailer safety cannot be left to experience
alone. TMT is a natural and logical step for operators to get involved and train not only themselves but their staff to ensure better maintenance and knowledge with regards to their trailers.

The training impacts on policy and strategy (why & how) plus operations (what & when) and is well suited for:

  • Operators (change comes from the top)
  • Technical Directors
  • SHEQ managers (Safety offi cers)
  • Training Managers
  • Workshop Managers
  • Driver trainers – drivers cannot ignore trailer faults
  • Technical purchasing officers – purchasing to a safety standard
  • Workshop foremen – the ultimate in quality control
  • Maintenance staff – technicians – what needs to be maintained
  • Apprentices – don’t be a dummy forever

Date Location
8 March 2019 Gauteng
   Hosted at Mercedes-Benz Conference Center
10 May 2019 Durban
5 June 2019 Cape Town
28 August 2019 Johannesburg
   Hosted at Wabco South Africa Head Office
9 October 2019 Durban

Cost – R 3950.00 per delegate

Download full brochure here

Seats restricted to 30 per workshop!

Contact Kylie Saunders on kylie@fleetwatch.co.za or 0605081996 to book your place.

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