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Tlhouwe blooms behind the wheel

Margaret Tlhouwe…21 years behind the wheel and still loving it.

While women commercial vehicle drivers are quite common in certain overseas countries, it is not exactly the profession of choice for South African woman.

However, we found one lady who just loves it. Her name is Margaret Tlhouwe, a professional driver with 21 years experience behind the wheel.

Tlhouwe, who drives for Ellie-Mareé Florist in Roodepoort, spends the bulk of her day driving around the teeming highways and by-ways and has seen more than her fair share of road rage and accidents.

“No one intends to have an accident. It is always a mistake,’ says Tlhouwe, who wanted to be a driver from her schooldays. “Drivers should learn to accept this and learn to say sorry if they are in the wrong.’

And how does Tlhouwe handle the ubiquitous taxi drives?

“By now we all know these guys stop and start wherever they like. All of us drivers should be used to it by now and get ready for it. The best thing to do is try stay out of their way. Why get cross about something you cannot change? Have patience and learn to work together.’

Such sage advice can only come from a woman.

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