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Thanks to our partners

Behind the logos on this T-Shirt are passionate people who are determined to make a difference. Thank you

FleetWatch would like to extend a huge thanks to our partners in the Polokwane project without whom Brake & Tyre Watch would not have been possible. These companies put in their time, money and expertise all in the interests of empowering the cops and making our roads safer for all. They are stars!

They are our traditional foundation partners, Wabco, Bridgestone South Africa and HCV and for the Polokwane project, SANRAL and Standard Bank.

Thanks must also go to Wolfgang  Lehmann, our resident trailer expert, for the time, effort and expertise he puts into these projects.

To my own staff, a big thanks and especially to Maryna Parsons whose passion for the Brake & Tyre Watch project , and for road safety in  general – never wanes.

Patrick O’Leary,

Publisher/Managing Editor,

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