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Market-leading insurance cover for heavy commercial vehicles


Discovery Business Insurance has introduced comprehensive insurance tailored to the heavy commercial vehicle industry, including optional covers to give clients the flexibility they need to adequately protect their business. 

“Driving a heavy commercial vehicle is not the same as driving a regular car. It’s a different driving experience altogether, associated with long hours, and requires a different skill set to operating a passenger vehicle,” says Discovery Business Insurance Chief Operating Officer, Lana Ross. “To better support business owners managing a fleet and drivers of heavy commercial vehicles, Discovery Business Insurance has created a comprehensive, technology-enabled product specifically for the needs of this industry.”

This tailored cover includes the Vitality DriveView device – the latest technology for heavy commercial vehicles. It offers a complete vehicle technology platform to help clients manage their heavy commercial vehicles well and keep their drivers safe. The device has a dashcam solution, providing real-time views of the inside and outside of the cabin. In addition, it also measures driving metrics like harsh braking, acceleration, cornering or speeding by drivers.

Benefits of tailored telematics-based insurance cover for heavy commercial vehicles 

Telematics technology underpins the motor-insurance plans by Discovery Insure. This approach has many benefits embedded in Discovery Business Insurance’s Heavy Commercial Vehicles product, including the following:

Key benefits of the Vitality DriveView device

  1. It enables clients to monitor and analyse the driving behaviour of each driver, including the time before a crash or other event. This has the benefit of providing insights where a driver may be incorrectly accused of causing an incident.
  2. The online fleet portal gives clients a live-view and history of trips taken so they can coach their drivers and help them improve.
  3. An independent mobile connection in the device automatically sends driving data to Discovery Insure.
  4. Drivers can use their compatible smartphone to view their driving score and get access to weekly Active Rewards.
  5. It offers vehicle safety features to keep drivers safe on the road.leur of each driver

Built-in rewards that boost the value of clients’ cover

Clients can save up to 40% on their vehicle premiums for managing their fleet well

Through Discovery’s Shared-value model of insurance, we incentivise clients to manage their vehicle fleet well by offering them up to 40% savings on their vehicle premiums. Clients get an upfront 15% discount on their vehicle premium for being certified with RTMS (Road Traffic Management System). In addition, clients can get up to 30% of their net vehicle premiums for driving well.


Individual drivers who engage in the Vitality Drive programme can also earn weekly Active Rewards if they achieve a driving score of 70 or higher and drive more than 100km in the week. Rewards can include airtime or data, a meal, coffee or smoothie from one of our partners.

Other rewards and product features include:

  • Two hours of consulting services with SA Fleet at no additional premium to help clients prepare for the RTMS audit. If clients need additional consulting services beyond the first two hours, they will get a 33% discount on the rate charged.
  • Up to 50% discount on new tyres and other services from Bridgestone and Tiger Wheel & Tyre.
  • Vitality Health Checks for drivers, including eyesight and hearing assessments which will help clients meet the RTMS requirements for certification. 

What cover can business owners get when insuring their heavy commercial vehicles?

Discovery Business Insurance’s tailored product for heavy commercial vehicles includes comprehensive core cover, with optional benefits to make sure clients get the cover they need.

Embedded core cover and benefits include:

  • Personal accident cover for vehicle drivers
  • Loss or accidental damage cover
  • Cover for emergency services (including fuel delivery or assistance with a battery)
  • Liability cover for third parties
  • Vehicle branding costs or expenses after an accident
  • Temporary repairs or replacement of parts (including keys, locks or remote controls)
  • Clean-up costs following an accident, including fire extinguishing, spillage, debris removal and towing of the vehicle

The embedded cover is automatically included on every plan and is available at no additional premium up to specified limits). Business owners can enjoy flexibility too, where they can increase their cover amount as needed or select from an aggregate excess, stop-loss limit and inner or outer excess amount. Business owners can even choose optional cover benefits for an additional premium. 

For more details, see the Heavy commercial vehicle product brochure.

Discovery Business Insurance for heavy commercial vehicles

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