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Delivering Simply Better Trucks for the Transport & Logistics Industry


Throughout a number of industries, FUSO continues to prove why theirs are Simply Better Trucks.

The ability to develop trucks that flourish in a variety of environments, conditions, and industries is a truly impressive feat. To deliver purpose built and hard working trucks for every industry’s unique needs requires great understanding of your customers. 

For FUSO Trucks, this is their everyday mission, execution, and truth. The brand has spent decades delivering only the very best to their clients and partners. From their vehicles, to their tailored solutions, and after sales services – FUSO consistently strives to deliver Simply Better Trucks.

A bold company ethos, no doubt, but it is also one that can be backed up. Not just by the brand itself, but also by the people that trust FUSO Trucks with their daily business operations: their customers.

In their latest campaign, FUSO Trucks asks their customers to honestly review, rate, and discuss their journey and experience with the brand. The criteria discussed includes:

  • Product
  • Sales,
  • Value Chain
  • After-Sales

In the most recent customer review, we meet Anthony Naicker, Managing Director of Line Haul and Support Services at City Logistics 

A proudly South African company revered for its leading service in the transport and logistics industry, City Logistics and FUSO’s partnership has gone a great distance.

So, what makes FUSO trucks simply better? According to Naicker, it is a combination of essential factors at which the brand excels.

“Our journey with this brand dates back to five years ago when we placed the different FUSO trucks through their paces for six months. The data we gathered after the testing gave us a good standpoint to want to be a part of the trusted FUSO brand,” he said.

Since then, the quality, efficiency and all-round excellence of the brand’s trucks and service has continued to impress Naicker, leading to his 5 star FUSO review.

He adds: “The FUSO trucks in our fleet have been priced well, boast the highest payload, and are the most fuel efficient in the segment. To date, we have covered over 110-million kilometres with a service level uptime of 99%.”

Impressive numbers, delivered by a truly impressive brand which goes above and beyond. With additional offerings that include Value-Added Services, FUSO Genuine Parts, and FUSO Genuine Service – it’s easy to see why FUSO is Simply Better Trucks.

Ready to join the FUSO Trucks community? Visit your nearest dealer or website and have one of their expertly trained agents get in touch with you.

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