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Share your thoughts & suggestions on SA's road safety crisis.

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Why do you think road safety is so bad in South Africa?
What do you think Government can do (in addition to what they are already doing) to improve the situation?
Do you think that private organisations and companies should get more involved and how?
Do you think law enforcement officers are doing enough when on the road? What else would you like to see being done by traffic officials?
Do you think the consequences for breaking the law are strict enough to act as deterrents? What other laws could be introduced to stop drivers behaving recklessly?
Do you have a road safety programme in your own company? ie driver training, awareness programmers, implementation of pre- and post-trip inspections. Is this for all employees, or only truck drivers? Please specify?
What would you like to see happening with regards to improving overall road safety in your company and/or all other companies?
Additional comment on the state of road safety in SA and what you think could be done to improve the situation.


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