Small transporters benefitting from waste stream management

2017-03-16 11:07
Haroun Gallie, one of REDISA’s registered transporters. “In joining the REDISA family, I’ve achieved something. I’ve got a job, I’ve got my own business. Things I didn’t have before.”

Waste stream management is a growing industry in South Africa, largely driven by new technology, public/private collaboration and a resulting new industry all of which is providing great opportunities for independently-owned SMME transport companies.

One such example is REDISA which has as its objective to divert waste tyres from landfills and thereby clean the country of tyre waste.

“REDISA has helped me create jobs for myself and my team,” says Haroun Gallie, a transporter based in the Western Cape. “Every day when we wake up, we know we’re coming to work. Previously, we didn’t even know if we would have work.”

Gallie is one of REDISA’s registered transporters and is part of an established and growing transporter network. These transporters are the cornerstone in the collection of waste tyres from micro collectors and dealers and are tasked with delivering them to the approved depots and processing plants.

REDISA-registered transporters receive an SMS detailing where to collect waste tyres from identified tyre dealers in the area. Transporters are then expected to deliver the waste tyres to the approved depot or recycling plant. Once the collection and delivery is complete, the transporter electronically confirms the mass of tyres loaded and delivered to the destination.

“In joining the REDISA family, I’ve achieved something. I’ve got a job, I’ve got my own business. Things I didn’t have before,” says Gallie.

REDISA director, Stacey Davidson says: “Through the network created, millions of waste tyres have been transported to depots and recycling plants, all by empowering small business owners across the country. Our network relies on transporters to ensure waste tyres are collected efficiently and that we have a lasting positive impact on the lives of many South Africans – not only through job creation but also by cleaning the environment of tyre waste.

“It is our hope that through the SMME development support we provide, it will equip entrepreneurial South Africans with the skills needed to empower others and further grow the logistics network.”

The criteria required to become a transporter for REDISA are:
Be over 18 years.
Have a South African driver’s license and a Professional Driving Permit (PDP).
Have access to an insured, licensed vehicle with the ability to transport a minimum of a 1-tonne payload.
Have a cellphone.
Be a previously disadvantaged individual or, if a company, be 51% black owned.
Be able to read and write in English (as instructions are given in English).
Be able to enter into a contract.
Reside within a 100 km radius of an operational area.
Have a bank account.

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