SKF launches new water pump range for trucks

2018-04-12 16:18
The new water pump range from SKF is supplied in a kit with gaskets, O-ring seals and fasteners to facilitate easy installation.

SKF has extended its commercial vehicle aftermarket offerings with the launch of a new range of premium quality water pumps. The water pump offering covers all the popular commercial vehicle brands including Volvo, Renault, MAN, Mercedes, Iveco, DAF and Scania.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards, the SKF water pumps are designed to meet original equipment manufacturer performance specifications. Every design has undergone a comprehensive long-term load test program and each unit is inspected and vacuum tested prior to delivery.

To facilitate installation, the new pumps are supplied in a kit with high quality gaskets, O-ring seals and fasteners. Detailed product data is available to help customers pick the appropriate kit to match each truck model or OE part number. In addition, a QR code on the packaging gives installers fast, easy one-click access to on-line installation instructions. 

“Water pumps are a critical and frequently-replaced component,” says Niclas Snäll product development VSM at SKF. “This new range makes it easier for service providers to select and install replacement units and gives owners the confidence of SKF quality.”

The new pump range extends SKF’s existing offering in the commercial vehicle aftermarket which already includes a comprehensive range of wheel bearings and seals as well as a number of other engine components such as auxiliary tensioners and pulleys.

Editor’s Footnote. And thank you to SKF for letting us know about this new range so as to enable us to let our readers know. Back in the day, we used to regularly receive notifications in the form of press releases from companies of their new products applicable to the trucking industry. This has dried up. In fact, public relations in the trucking industry overall sucks compared to the past. Not sure how companies are marketing their new product offerings nowadays although my guess is that they are probably going out into the ‘great unwashed’ social media outlets like the Faceless Facebook.

I followed closely the Mark Zuckerberg Senate hearings into the shenanigans around the Facebook data leaks and I emerged with one central thought. It’s time to go back to the basics when it comes to ‘business to business’ marketing and relationships. You’ve got a product that is relevant to the trucking sector, then let a magazine like FleetWatch know about it so we can direct your offerings to your specific target audience. We talk to suppliers, we talk to truck operators, we talk to drivers, and we talk to mechanics. We know the trucking industry and we have direct contact with the players in this industry. We also ‘screen’ the good from the bad so our readers are not deceived into buying rubbish from ‘quick buck’ make-a-promise-and-duck suppliers.

Certainly, social media has a role to play. It has changed so many things in the world. FleetWatch uses it extensively but as part of our mix – not our total mix for we know that when it comes to the trucking industry, it’s all about relationships rather than transactions. In this industry, it’s all about building relationships rather than sitting at a lifeless wooden desk behind a lifeless plastic computer ‘posting’ your product onto some Faceless ‘social media’ outlet in the hope that you will be noticed by the billions of people out there who are eagerly awaiting your next ‘post’. They are not! What those millions of people are doing is searching for the latest news on where Paris Hilton is having lunch today. Arrgh@.

This is the most commonly used South African torque wrench. Disastrous! If suppliers went back to the basics of business-to-business marketing, we would know where to buy a decent torque wrench.

This is the most commonly used South African torque wrench. Disastrous! If suppliers went back to the basics of business-to-business marketing, we would know where to buy a decent torque wrench.

Here’s a question – and one which comes from FleetWatch’s experience: Where can I buy a torque wrench to ensure that the wheel nuts on my truck and trailer are correctly torqued? I haven’t a clue? I tried Midas but they only have those baby ones for those little dinky toy cars rather than for those giant trucks. And where can I find a torque wrench supplier who will perhaps come round to my workshops and talk to my mechanics about the importance of correctly torqued wheel nuts? After all, when a wheel comes off, it becomes a rolling bomb. The answer is: I haven’t a clue. Why? Because I don’t know of one company which is talking directly to the trucking industry on torque wrenches. Instead, they are probably sitting behind computers spewing out emails and ‘posting’ posts in the hope that they are going to ‘catch’ the many millions of people out there who are eagerly awaiting their approach. So thank you SKF for going back to the basics. At least now I know that there’s a new range of quality water pumps on the market. I’m sure our operator readers will let their mechanics know. Now will some torque wrench supplier please let us know where we can get a torque wrench?

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