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Shocking…to say the least


Can you believe that all these tyre faults were found on one trailer? Get it off the road.

The inner tyre is of illegal tread depth (run too far) and the tread has been cut by the underfoot conditions it has been subjected to. This pair of tyres has not been together from the start. In this pic, the outer tyre is a 12R22.5 and the inner tyre is a 315/80R22.5. The inner tyre and outer tyre should have been removed for retreading as the remaining tread depths are both low.
Severe underfoot conditions cause this type of damage to the tread area.
Tyre used in incorrect application. The tyre shows severe chipping and chunking caused by the underfoot conditions. The outer was fitted from the spare for that trip as we saw that the outer tyre had burst and was in a worse condition than the inner. Observe the rear inner tyre. The damage to this tyre in the tread area was caused by the underfoot conditions causing tread cuts in the beginning and with the centrifugal force, ripped the tread from the 4th stabilizer ply. An incorrect tread design was used for this type of operation.


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