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With the increase in fatal accidents on our roads each year, it is imperative that a real solution to this problem is found sooner rather than later. Insurance Underwriting Managers is always looking for fresh and innovative ways to assist on this front and with Seeing Machines and Fleet Health, we have two excellent service offerings that work. Both are designed to be pro-active in order to prevent incidents before they actually happen.

The Seeing Machines system is non-intrusive and allows drivers to operate their vehicles freely. It is a fully integrated, automatic and industrialised technology with in-cab operator monitoring. The algorithms that have been developed for Seeing Machines monitors a vehicle operator’s facial and eye-tracking movements to determine the onset of a micro-sleep or distraction event and once recognised, it offers real-time intervention that saves lives. For further information, visit www.seeingmachines.co.za

Fleet Health exists to assist fleet owners in identifying risk exposures in their fleets so they can implement corrective measures pro-actively. Again, the aim is stop any incidents before they happen on the road. For further information, visit www.ium.co/risk-management/fleet-health

The Roll-over prevention programme is something IUM absolutely believes in. Our systems are similar in approach in that there’s a ‘safety investment’ in the operations of clients ensuring the onus changes from safer roads to safer drivers. By taking responsibility in this way, we can change the face of South African road safety.

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