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GRW is a leading SA based transport equipment designer, manufacturer, and service provider of a wide range of sophisticated, cutting-edge road transport solutions worldwide.

GRW strives to enhance our customer productivity through superior customer service and support, innovation, quality and commitment to road safety.

Founded in 1996, GRW’s hub is its Worcester based manufacturing complex housing extensive ultra-modern production facilities where the finest technologies and procedures are employed by highly qualified engineers, to produce world-class and ever-reliable trailers, invariably configured to meet the unique transportation needs of each customer.

To meet customer demands for more performance, higher payloads, more comfort, greater safety and, above all, more cost-effectiveness, we are continuously developing the present product range and, at the same time, complementing it with innovative new solutions.

Serving industries that range from construction and mining to petroleum and chemical, fast-moving consumer goods, waste disposal, and break-bulk general cargo to a fleet operators across Southern Africa and the UK, GRW is committed to enhancing the productivity of its customers way beyond the production line.

Through Service Centres in CT, Gauteng and Worcester, as well as maintenance agreements with OEMs and a network of independent repairers in the UK, GRW guarantees broad, 24-hour after-sales support network to its customers. Each Service Centre provides first-rate contract servicing, minor repairs, roadside assistance, modification, accident repairs, spray booths, wash bays, and a wide range of spares and rental units, all in accord with the latest global industry developments and standards.

Together we can achieve more. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations and believe that, in working together, we can find solutions that meet their needs.

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