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Imperial Logistics gets 777 jackpot

MD of 777 Logistics, Andre du Plessis – “proud to be a member company of Imperial Logistics.”

Imperial Logistics, a global leader in logistics and supply chain management, has acquired 60% of 777 Logistics, the bulk petrochemical transporter responsible for the transportation of Sasol Oil fuel and Sasol Chemical products.

While the acquisition strengthens 777 Logistics’ position in the market, the move further extends Imperial Logistics’ expertise in managing HSEQ requirements.

With 777 Logistics’ average delivery of up to 550 loads monthly through its fleet of 35 combinations, its safety track record was an important consideration in the deal.

“Throughout its eight years in business, 777 Logistics has consistently achieved 95% plus for SQAS audits and 100% within its Service Level Agreements,” says Nico van der Westhuizen, outgoing CEO of Imperial Logistics Specialised Freight.

“Not only is the company a respected, long-term Logistics Service Provider (LSP) to Sasol but its 80-strong team is quick thinking and consistently maintains high service levels. They undoubtedly fit the group’s ‘fast moving, forward thinking’ approach,” Van der Westhuizen adds. Furthermore, its Durban-based operations are a strategic advantage within petro-chemical transportation.

According to Andre Du Plessis, managing director of 777 Logistics, the company currently manages 70% of the solvent market from Secunda to Durban and 80% of the imported ULP[1] market. ULP[1] is unleaded petrol which contains higher than the 91 octane of normal unleaded petrol.

“We’ve also recently been awarded the ULP contract from Island View to Alrode and a three-year dedicated contract to transport BA from Sasolburg,” he says.

Du Plessis says he and his team are proud to be a member company of Imperial Logistics. The company will operate within the Imperial Logistics Specialised Freight division, which provides dedicated, specialised transport services to tanker industries throughout South Africa.

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