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Road freight on the rise

Road freight continues to outstrip rail freight and looks set to continue to do so over the long term despite government’s intention to push freight from road onto rail.

Figures released by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) at the end of July indicate that the income from freight transportation for the three months ended May 2010 increased by 9,7% compared with the three months ended May 2009. Income from freight transportation for May 2010 increased by 5,0% compared with May 2009. The volume of goods transported (payload) for May 2010 increased by 2,6% compared with May 2009.

The increase of 9,7% in income was mainly driven by ‘˜primary mining and quarrying products’ (30,6% and contributing 7,7 percentage points), followed by ‘˜basic metal and fabricated metal products’ (20,4% and contributing 1,1 percentage points) and ‘˜non-metallic products’ (26,3% and contributing 1,0 percentage point).

In spite of Government’s stated intention to move certain types of freight from road to rail,  this will in no way come close to eliminating the dominance of road transport. Going back to 2008, rail transported 135 914 000 tons of freight compared to 489 709 000 tons transported by road.

In 2009 the figures were 186 296 00 and 436 600 000 tons respectively and between January and May this year, rail carried 75 351 000 tons and road 184 351 000.

There’s no doubt about it: Road Rocks!

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