Technical Discussion – Brakes

2014-01-30 12:51

Why, whenever there is a truck accident, do we hear that the cause was due to ‘brake failure”? Why do brakes ‘fail’ – what are the root causes for such ‘failures’?


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  1. I think downhill on a sharp decline, drivers are lazy to gear back and just use brakes, overheating them and sometimes causing failure- they put the load at fire risk in this way, having an effect on their insurance claims and history.

  2. Morne Willemse

    Usually there is a air braking system on trucks that is used to slow down the vehicle, the air brakes does not use brake plates but resistance breaking, it slows it down and then they use normal braking (brake plates). If a truck does not come out with air braking it should be driven carefully down the sharp declines, as some might have integrated air braking systems which takes the control of breaking out of the hands of the driver and into the braking-technology. So i guess there are some trucks that are for declines and some not for declines, braking systems speaking.

    Using also a method of gearbox speed throttling and not using breaks can also prolong the life of the brake pads.