SI Group Trucker’s Packs

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FleetWatch Trucker’s Packs:

As part of our on-going initiative to improve the driving standards of truck drivers on our road, FleetWatch now has a comprehensive ‘Trucker’s Pack’ available – a selection of posters, leaflets, playing cards, booklets and other educational material. These packs are also valuable tools for operators, fleet managers and trainers.

Trucker’s Packs include (subject to availability):

Posters Covering topics such as:

– Braking Distances
– The Road to Greener Trucking
– Winter Driving
– Tyre Maintenance
– Wheel Fittings
– Vehicle licence fees
– How to read Exhaust Smoke

Essential Check Lists:
• Pre-Trip Inspection
• Truck & Trailer Tyres
• Brakes
• How to avoid landing-leg failure
• Pre-trip / Post-trip inspection for Trailers
• Fuel Management – tips to save fuel
• Accident procedures for drivers
• Don’t Drink & Drive
• Diesel Engine course
• Air Filter
• Professional Driving – Best Practice
• Engen Road Safety Playing Cards

Isuzu Trucks First Aid Kit

Sharing the Roads in Harmony Booklet

Engen A – Z Driver Health

Assorted gifts for Drivers such as peak caps, pens, pads etc.

Packs are not all the same and are subject to availability of items.