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August 2000

An Honourable Deed

Hats off to Delta Motor Corporation for donating 10 Isuzu KB 4x4 bakkies to enable the men involved in Operation Rachel to continue their sterling work.

As is well known, Mozambique was ravaged by devastating floods earlier this year - and the hangover is still hurting. In fact, the damage inflicted on the outlying infrastructure was so severe that it will take many years to restore. (See our next issue for details.)

Members of the Mozambican police and their joint-venture colleagues from the SAPS Special Task Force involved in Operation Rachel were being hampered in their work via the fact they could not reach the outlying areas where arms are hidden without the use of specialised 4x4 vehicles. The heavy armoured vehicles previously being used were being bogged down after the rains.

On being approached to help, Delta Motor Corporation - without hesitation - donated the vehicles used in the latest phase of Operation Rachel. By so doing, the company has made possible the destruction of hundreds of arms and thousands of rounds of ammunition that could well have found their way into the wrong hands in both countries.

The appreciation for such a gesture was certainly forthcoming from the SAPS and their Mozambican counterparts involved in the operation. It should, however, be forthcoming from everyone who desires a peaceful and secure future for the children of this region.

Excuse me getting emotional but this was more than a marketing thing. It was an honourable thing to do. Thank you Delta!

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