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Past Issues
October 1999

Traffic Volume Increase Expected

With school holidays starting for most schools, an increase in traffic volumes is expected on national roads from midday, 3 December 1999.

Road users are warned to be on the lookout for road works underway. Click here to find out where.

The National Arrive Alive Information Centre will operate everyday, except on Christmas and New Year's Days, from 6h00 to 19h00. The Toll-Free number is 0800111300 and fax number is 0800111301.

Road Carnage : A Big Wake-Up Call

September was a horror month on South African roads with the death of 27 British tourists catapaulting us onto the world's stage as a nation sadly lacking in the area of road safety. FleetWatch regards the over 90 deaths and 300 injuries as a big wake-up call to the trucking industry and is taking action now to try improve matters by advocating a policy of voluntary compliance and self-policing. In this special feature we tackle a number of different issues around this subject.

Getting Back to Basics (Click to download the poster)

Self-policing and voluntary compliance is the way to go in the absence of effective law enforcement on our roads. This poster puts forward some tips to act as the spur to the implementation of such policies in transport companies.

A Billion Dollar Lesson for SA

J.B. Hunt Transport Services and Freightliner Corporation have announced a five-year exclusive agreement for the delivery of up to 15 000 trucks. And there is a great underlying lesson for our local operators in this order.

Good News on Potgieter Street

Pretoria's road of death, Potgieter Street, may be a safer place now that a compulsory truck halt is being built on the heights near Voortrekkerhoogte. But budget constraints and uncertainty as to the causes of a spate of runaway truck accidents imply that the problem must be tackled in phases. Driver education may be the best way to solve this perplexing road safety problem.

Kakamas Becomes a Transport Hub

Sent to find a village with its heart in the business of road transport, FleetWatch went roving and found Kakamas on the edge of the Kalahari. Fleets of vehicles are at the centre of the booming grape and citrus industry along the Orange River where cool calculations are turning hot profits in the dry lands.

Dump Those Dumpers

A new phenomenon in the built-up areas of our unpoliced cities is the increasing appearance of construction vehicles masquerading as on-road tippers. FleetWatch contends that they should be dumped off our roads.

Don't Just Price Right, Select Right

FleetWatch believes that the time is not far off that operators are going to have to start replacing their aged fleets. Given this, we thought it apt to get an early visit into the issue of vehicle selection, a contentious subject at the best of times.