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Past Issues

October 2006


Find the Oldest Dyna...
Join us on a trip down memory lane with Toyota Dyna, 1995 to 2005... 

Click Here to view the competition pages

Click Here to view the competition pages

Anyone that operates, owns, manages or uses any form of transport can greatly benefit from this prize...

Lessons and impressions from Hannover...

FleetWatch managing editor Patrick O'Leary visits the IAA truck show held every second year in Hannover Germany as a guest of DaimlerChrysler South Africa, picking up trends, products and general interest items that could appeal to local truckers. 

The Ultimate Home from Home...
A DRIVER’S DREAM; a home from home; a boudoir. Call it what you will but the Actros Space- Max is something every driver will surely lust after.

Europe pushing for longer and heavier...
Now here's one that every South African interlink operator will delight in. It's also one that might just get those politicians who are seeking to have the current 56 ton gross reduced, to think again.

Truck of the Year DAF XF 105...
One of the traditional highlights of the IAA Hannover show is the announcement of the truck, bus and van of the year at what is known as the 'Evening of the Commercial Vehicle Press'.

Bringing in the youth...
What do you see here? Sure, you see people around a bus, an engine, a cut-away cab and a girl sitting at a desk. That's obvious. But what is the common underlying theme that runs through these photographs? The answer is youth - young people.

Crash Test Genius...
Leading the fight to reduce road casualties globally is DaimlerChrysler, specifically through developments in its commercial vehicle safety technologies. FleetWatch visited Italy to learn how the 'World's Safest Truck' is spearheading the quest for safer road transport, writes Paul Collings.

A story of the pain of life after death...
Desmond Joliffe was a happy family man who loved his job as a truck driver. He also loved his family dearly. He was killed in a senseless accident in December 2001. How has the family coped and what effect did the death of their dad have on his two little girls? Asks Patrick O'Leary.

Trucking's Buffer Zone...
As South Africa gears up for the 2010 'fiesta', commercial fleets are going to have to become more flexible and able to serve completely new customer needs without running the risk of over capitalisation. Meeting this burgeoning demand head-on is the road freight operator's often-overlooked 'safety net', the truck rental supplier, writes Paul Collings.

I Can with a Van...
One normally associates commercial fleet owners with the typical truck transporter whose many vehicles ferry merchandise around the country for a defined client base. Avis Van Rental has changed that perception considerably since its inception in 1999, introducing the notion of the 'light commercial vehicle (LCV) fleet-for-hire'

True to the Tipper...
While most truck rental organisations have a spread of vehicles to meet a vast array of transport applications, Richard's Rentals, based in Wynberg, Johannesburg, has dedicated itself to the tipper market with great success. 


Disconnecting Nm from a driveline - the clutch...
FleetWatch's technical correspondent Dave Scott discusses the all-important clutch, urging operators not to look at the price of the part, but rather at the onerous cost of clutch failure. 

Operational conditions that accelerate clutch wear  more...

Signs of the Times...
Where else in the world do you get an official sign warning you that your wheels are going to get stolen if you park in that spot; or that hijackers are going to nail you as you wait at that spot for the robots to change? Asks Patrick O'Leary.

It's Obvious...  
In a move that makes obvious sense, the task of selling and supporting Nissan forklifts now belongs to Nissan Diesel South Africa. Paul Collings reports.

Learn about Malaria...
Malaria is a tropical disease that is caused by being bitten by the dreaded malaria mosquito. 
Malaria is a very serious disease that kills more than one million people worldwide each year. 
Please exercise the preventative measures listed below in order to contain the spread of this potentially fatal disease.   

Rolling Ashore...
The Tyrexpo, held in Sandton recently effectively highlighted the growing importance of the South African commercial transport market as a potential hunting ground for offshore tyre companies, lured by the prospect of profits in this rapidly expanding arena, writes Paul Collings.


To Yield or Not?
If you really want to witness the true standard of driving in South Africa, park yourself near a traffic circle and enjoy the automotive equivalent of 'The Nightmare on Elm Street'.

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