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Past Issues
October 2000

Chemical Spill

An accident that occurred on the N3 which resulted in a consignment of dangerous goods being spilled over the road serves to highlight a number of lessons. FleetWatch was on the scene and sketches via words and photographs the story to bring across those lessons.

Honoured for HIV / Aids Leadership

FleetWatch lifts it's hat to the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) for receiving an international award for the work it has done in the field of HIV / Aids.

Rationale Behind the Sale

The Rent A Truck Group, including Nominated Carriers, has been sold to Imperial bringing yet another company into the stable of this transport conglomerate. FleetWatch put some questions to Neil Wright, former majority shareholder of Rent A Truck, to get a handle on the thinking behind the move.

Lessons from the Mountain

The mighty Katse Dam in Lesotho initiated Phase 1A of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP). The Mohale Dam and the 32 km long tunnel linking it to the Katse Dam is now under construction. FleetWatch visited the site to bring back some lessons we can all learn from in circumstances totally different to our daily routines and lives.

The Japanese Have Arrived

The Japanese are moving into the traditional territory of the Europeans with the launch by Delta Motor Corporation of two new all terrain 4x4 Isuzu trucks to cater for off-road transport and service delivery needs.

SA Leads the World

The South African Heavy Vehicle Simulator, developed by the CSIR's Transportek division, has put South Africa on the map internationally with what has become the most popular testing device of its kind in the world. FleetWatch went to see this remarkable mobile laboratory and meet the men who keep it on the road.

On Overtraded Market

Rigging and machine moving is a lucrative business. It is also highly competitive and Cape Town appears to have a plethora of rigging companies all offering similar services. FleetWatch investigates this market to find out how this sector is faring.

How Does It All Stack Up?

This is the final article in our four part series in which FleetWatch explains the cornerstone to creating an IT solution. This fourth cornerstone deals with the overall structure of an IT system and the underlying technologies that many people focus on. It will be split in two parts.