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Vehicle Licence
Fees 2009/2010
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Toll Tariffs
March 2010
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Through teamwork
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MAN feeds the soccer frenzy...

Last month FleetWatch asked its readers what they are doing for the 2010 soccer World Cup. MAN Truck and Bus SA embarked on a joint initiative with Brand SA which Andrew Parker elaborates on

What’s in a name?...

Cheerio to Nissan Diesel. The name is out in Japan and will be out by the end of September in South Africa and the rest of the world. Now say hello to UD Trucks, the new name for the Nissan Diesel brand. Patrick O’Leary explores the move.

Tyrexpo Africa acts as a wake-up call...

If ever proof was needed that the Chinese are trying to penetrate the South African and wider southern African markets, Tyrexpo Africa 2010 provided it. This was China Town in Sandton writes Patrick O’Leary

Special Report

Promoting truck safety...

Under the headline banner of ‘Activating Universal Responsibility’, Paul Collings investigates what is being done within the industry to promote truck safety and uncovers a few notions of what should be done to improve the road freight industry’s rather tarnished safety track record.

Parts market is on the rise...

Andrew Parker looks at the state of play in the truck parts market and finds that, with operators trying to save bucks during the torrid times of 2009, pirate parts have popped up again. All this under the collective banner of Trucking - Getting Ready for 2010.

Brake and Tyre Watch Eastern Cape - PE

Faulty equipment mars the day...

The windy City of Port Elizabeth is where our team headed towards the end of last year for our last Brake and Tyre Watch project for 2009. We found a group of dedicated, enthusiastic and willing cops but unused and faulty equipment was a downside writes Patrick O’Leary.

TYRE lessons from the ROAD...

Our resident Brake & Tyre Watch tyre expert Marcus Haw takes a look at some of the tyre faults found on trucks tested at the Kinkelbos Traffic Centre.

Training Day...

At the heart of Brake & Tyre Watch is the burning desire by all our partners to change the mindset of traffic officials and transport operators towards trucks and road safety. This is achieved by training where all our partners contribute both theoretical and practical knowledge that serves to encourage and empower.



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