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Vehicle Licence
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Toll Tariffs
March 2010
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Through teamwork
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Get in the mood with the Diski groove...

As more transport companies are stricken by 2010 soccer world cup fever, Andrew Parker reports that Hollard Insurance are dancing their hearts out.

Tackling African transport...

Researchers at the University of York in the United Kingdom are co-ordinating an international drive to enable the implementation of sustainable transport policies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Special Report

Recession pushes supply chain into the boardroom...

The 2008/2009 recession forced the boardroom door open to allow the supply chain to squeeze through and grab the attention of the suit brigade which up to now, has not given due attention to this critical component of their businesses writes Andrew Parker.

Challenge is to remove waste and add value...

The 6th Annual State of Logistics™ Survey for South Africa, is a must read for anybody involved in logistics and supply chain management. This month FleetWatch presents a précis of the survey which explains just how good and bad South Africa is in the global freight transport arena.

In for the long run...

Value Logistics has 30 years experience in supply chain solutions. Andrew Parker chats to CEO Steven Gottschalk to get a handle on how South African companies are faring and how they stack up against their international competitors.

Trucking Productivity...

Discipline is a vital but unappreciated ingredient for effective and efficient road transport writes FleetWatch technical correspondent Dave Scott.

Between the Buck and the bitumen...

No one gets involved in trucking for the love of it. It’s all about money. Load the lorry to the max and rake in the boodle. And that’s where much of the ‘overloading in South Africa’ problem lies, in ignorance and severe shortsightedness, writes Paul Collings.

Making DG Transport better...

Paul Collings reports on a new DG tanker that exemplifies innovation, teamwork and the true meaning of quality.

Q&Awith United Bulk...
United Bulk’s premium Dangerous Goods tanker transport services have grown over the last two years, despite the recession.
FleetWatch’s Paul Collings asks United Bulk’s CEO, Patrick Pols, to share a few insights into the issues underscoring the DG arena right now.

Special Section


Published quarterly, FuelWatch aims to raise an awareness of the impact of fuel costs on total vehicle fleet operating costs. In this issue FleetWatch Operating Benchmarks correspondent Max Braun emphasises the need to exert rigid control over all truck operating costs.


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