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Aug 21 - 23, 2007

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New Model
Carrying on adaptively...
When it comes to moving smaller loads quickly and safely, 3.5-ton vans are the ticket. A new-look range of Sprinters has hit our dealership floors, offering greater safety, carrying capacity and adaptability. Paul Collings checks out the options.

Another 'bonnet' is here...
Freightliner introduces the top selling heavy duty truck in the USA, the semi-forward control Columbia 112, into our market. Patrick O'Leary attended the launch and came away highly impressed with its multiple features.

A FleetWatch Special Interest 
report on skills training

A Clot in the Life-Blood...
The truck transport industry is failing to secure its future because it is failing to attract new blood, while government's transport skills development agency, TETA, is busy choking on its own 'cholesterol' writes Paul Collings.

TETA and the Missing Funds...
TETA finds itself up the proverbial creek right now without R250m it invested with Fidentia, the financial services company on the brink of liquidation. Two leading trucking operations respond to questions regarding the matter.

His Cab is his Castle...
Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles has a unique approach to upskilling Code EC drivers on new truck technology and how to drive more cost effectively and safely, writes Paul Collings.

SA's economic future is at stake...
The absence of any effective national action plan to train up sufficient truck drivers to fill the shortage makes Edwin Stafford Northcote, MD of SA Training Services, a very worried man, writes Patrick O'Leary.

The Force is with us...
The South African National Defence Force and a leading training provider within the transport sector are forging new ground in the quest to furnish trucking with quality drivers.

Eyes on the prize...
All efforts to uplift the status of truck drivers should be embraced. Ongoing driver training is part of the process of making trucks safer and more economical, with many operators rewarding their drivers for efficiency improvements.

Screening Recruits...
When the chips are down and wheels need to roll, transporters often employ drivers and technicians who are under skilled and perhaps even totally unsuited to the job.

New training course from Cummins...

There is one thing about Cummins that has really impressed FleetWatch over the years and that is the company's commitment to the on-going training of its customers.

TETA's loss logjams training...
When skills levies, which amount to billions of rands get 'invested' and lost in dodgy companies instead of being spent on training, transporters are bound to feel a little nauseas writes Paul Collings.

The risk pays off...
With not one customer in sight and a required investment of between R7- to R8-million is a brave way to start a transport operation. Patrick O'Leary examines how Payload Truck Hire wrestles the risky 'beast'. 

Propshafts - twisting Nm into axles ...
In this, the fourth article in our series on drivelines, FleetWatch technical correspondent Dave Scott focuses on propshafts.

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