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  1. I think downhill on a sharp decline, drivers are lazy to gear back and just use brakes, overheating them and sometimes causing failure- they put the load at fire risk in this way, having an effect on their insurance claims and history.

  2. As I have just undergone a double mastectomy and chemotherapy after breast cancer was detected by a wonderful radiologist in a routine mammogram check, I cannot express my support in sufficiently elaborate terms for this wonderful initiative. Fortunately I am all well again, with the necessary short back and sides hairstyle, due to early detection. Keep up the good work.

    Alta Swanepoel

  3. Road Safety is the responsibility of us all. Stricter policing and heavier fines will go a long way to making an impact on driver behavior.

  4. Road Safety is the responsibility of us all. Stricter policing and heavier fines will go a long way to making an impact on driver behavior. More visible and continuous policing is essential.

  5. I just had a quote on a R 743 000 vehicle based on only 6000kms per month usage on 5 year FML contract and “Charterway-eish” added R 348 000 for the maintenance plan- Eish, Eish and Eish again- this is on a 6 ton Fuso Tipper( financed by Mercedes “Charterway”), which I think should be named downway or nowhereway- robbery at its best.

  6. I also support this call by the Road Safety Foundation but would like to remind all concerned that on 4 October 2013, it was resolved at the annual Road Safety Summit held by the Department of Transport and called and hosted by Transport Minister Dipuo Peters that a “Road Safety Advisory Council” was to urgently be established. That was 8 months ago and as yet, this has not happened. I had so hoped that the energies of Minister Peters would not amount to the same old rhetoric that has poured out of the Department of Transport for God knows how long now, but alas, talk remains the ONLY thing that the Department and Minister/s of Transport know how to or care to do. We can try and drive and insist on change, but unfortunately none of us have the power to do a thing without the support of the Department and Minister of Transport.

    Howard Dembovsky

  7. As clients/owners, Insurers and very specially, Insurance Brokers, Tracking Companies and drivecam/driverisk companies,we should all take hands and tackle firstly the 70 percent that gets lost in South Africa and then secondly, the other 30 percent. One way of doing this, is for the logistical managers to have an hourly password system in place which changes every hour and the driver must then answer each hour with the different password that was given to him an hour ago. In this way, an one hour radius( plus minus 80 to 100 km) can be established, making the search easier and quicker, should there be a theft/hijack of a vehicle.

  8. Usually there is a air braking system on trucks that is used to slow down the vehicle, the air brakes does not use brake plates but resistance breaking, it slows it down and then they use normal braking (brake plates). If a truck does not come out with air braking it should be driven carefully down the sharp declines, as some might have integrated air braking systems which takes the control of breaking out of the hands of the driver and into the braking-technology. So i guess there are some trucks that are for declines and some not for declines, braking systems speaking.

    Using also a method of gearbox speed throttling and not using breaks can also prolong the life of the brake pads.

  9. Pat, as we all know transport and road users are the milk cow of the government, in fact most governments – BUT- there has to come a time when we say enough is enough. The bad roads we have to contend with the so called good roads designed to last for years are destroying our tyres at an alarming rate due to the large aggregate used. The hours that our drivers work would not be tolerated in any reasonable country, the corruption is beyond bad. The only solution is to have Operators Licencing as in Europe and we will be regarded as professionals. Before OL in Europe the trucking industry was despised after the introduction of OL within 5 years the public perception changed, rates increased, hours dropped, bad maintenance was all but eliminated BUT it took professional inspectors and police to ensure that it happened. The very guys that you train to inspect trucks are maybe some of the ones looking for bribes, now they know better what to point out and get more money? Why have the owners of the trucks that caused the horrendous deaths not been charged and appearing in court? Every day we see trucks, taxis and cars that should be scrapped but on our roads. We, like a lot of operators use every bit of technology we can to ensure safety and compliance, we occasionally have complaints of bad driving but after watching the camera replays we invite the complainant to watch the reruns – strange they never accept – because they are the ones in the wrong!! This is very negative but the truth is, it is a negative picture, right through society we have corruption and guys taking the short cut. Some while ago you wrote an article on the R74 going past Sterkfontein Dam, I was there last year enjoying myself in a 4×4 with a very worried wife – on the way back we passed three tri axle trucks from Durban using that road – WHY??? We need uncorruptible law enforcement that WILL take action, while we have transporters cutting corners our rates will remain low.

  10. http://www.linkedin.com/pulse/sa-firm-uses-tech-turn-tables-hijackers-jamie-ross

    Pulsit Electronics has developed a system it says counters signal jamming by hijackers, something that has become a scourge in the fleet management industry in Southern Africa. By Duncan McLeod.

    A South African vehicle tracking and fleet management company, Pulsit Electronics, has developed a system it believes could help weaken the scourge of truck hijackings in Southern Africa. It works by countering the signal jamming devices criminals use to block vehicle tracking systems.

    Pulsit Electronics chief financial and information officer Bokkie Fourie explains that hijackers use a range of jamming systems — some of them quite sophisticated, others less so — to block tracking systems from communicating via the cellular networks or via satellite. Once jammed, they typically either hijack the vehicle or work in cahoots with the driver and move it to another location where they offload its precious cargo.

    But Pulsit’s system, which took about six months from conception to final development, is able to identify when frequency jammers are being used and, if detected, will put a vehicle into a disabled state in which it can’t be driven.

    Though the driver is still able to control the vehicle’s power steering and brakes in this state, he isn’t able to accelerate until the jamming signal is switched off. An alert can also be sent to a central office, prompting an agent to try to call the driver and, if necessary, to call in a response team.

    Fourie says signal jamming is a big headache for logistics companies in Southern Africa. Pulsit installed its first commercial version of its jamming mitigation system last month and Fourie claims a number of logistics firms have approached the company interested in using it in their fleets.

    Fourie explains that the system is able to determine when tracking signals are being jammed. It does this by measuring signal characteristics to determine if there is deterioration through noise in the frequency bands they use.

    “When jamming happens, we induce the disabled state, which inhibits acceleration. The truck can idle — it can gear down and park — but it can’t go anywhere.”

    If the tracking system is able to filter through the noise sufficiently, it will transmit its normal position and a distress signal with details of the jamming event. Even if the tracking device is unplugged, the vehicle will remain in the disabled state. Fourie says it’s virtually impossible to disable the limp mode, but he declines to explain in detail how it works, saying it’s a trade secret.

    Fleet owners can decide whether or not to alert potential hijackers that their trucks are fitted with the system by placing a notice to this effect on their vehicles.

    Pulsit Electronics is now developing a similar system for trailers for instances where hijackers, for example, remove the trailer and hook it up to another truck and then force the driver to drive his now trailer-less vehicle along his usual route to fool the tracking system and those monitoring it.

    “If they split horse and trailer, we’re looking at various options to immobilise the trailer,” explains Fourie. — © 2014 NewsCentral Media

    Below is a quote from the interview by Gavin Kelly of the road Freight association describing the jamming crises facing the transport industry.

    Link : http://www.enca.com/truck-hijacking-evolving-crime-roads

    “Hijackers also used two kinds of jamming devices to bypass the truck’s tracking device. One kind would scramble the tracking system and remove it off the system. The second type would mimic the truck’s tracking system and send out a duplicate signal showing the truck was standing stationary somewhere.

    “Obviously the first one is less sophisticated and easier to catch because once a truck disappears off the system you immediately know there’s something fishy,” Kelly said.” Ref : Gavin Kelly of the Road Freight Association.

    If you would like more information on how to combat this threat to your fleet, please contact me on : jamie@pulsit.co.za

  11. Very well said.

    I also feel that new technology should be embraced and instituted. ie : Retarders, intarder, ABS, EBS, on board camera’s. ect.
    I’m sure that if there where permanent test stations on all major routes, the accident rate would drop.
    Company owners/ directors should be held liable for any defects on the vehicle, not only the driver.
    I’m sure that we could improve the understanding of the transport industry if the minister engaged with the RFA, IRTE , and other experienced transport orginisations.


  12. If road safety is the concern I feel that the DoT should rather look at the conditions of certain roads first before making the statement. I invite any person in the DoT to drive their expensive German Saloon Cars in the North West Province at the speed limit to see if the tyres and rims on that vehicle will make the trip. I often encounter a number of Heavy Commercial Vehicles on these roads and I must say that I have a lot of emphaty for the drivers of these vehicles on that roads. As if driving a truck tractor with interlink trailer and full legal payload is not dangerous and difficult enough, they are also subjected to deal with road surfaces that is totally substandard and dangerous. Driving in the North West Province I more often than not encounter roads which have no more tar surfaces and have enormous potholes. It almost feels as if I am driving through a war stricken country to say the least. The DoT needs to make sure that issues on the table are cleared first before any potential economy cripling regulations are even discussed. I would also further encourage the DoT to investigate what the transport world is all about before enforcing any restrictions. The proposed times are far fetched and will have absolutley no significant impact in ensuring safer roads.

  13. Good Day I am a Diesel mechanic with over thirty five years experience, were I see a problem in today’s word is with the electronics, on the new diesels you have to specialise on one model . So when you work on a model you do not know you are working in the dark. Also it is impossible to work without a diagnostic tool. This eliminates many people out of the diesel market.

  14. I agree with this article, after my friend was involved in a very serious accident that got one person paralyzed because of “shooting the red”, I now stop and observe even if the robot is green for me. Lucky for my friend the culprit is the one on a wheelchair.

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  16. MiWay may shoot themselves in the foot, because as an Insurer, you may not tell the clients which Tracking system to install- there is a fine line where you can or can not tell a client whom they must deal with or what to do. They should instead link to all Tracking companies and give the clients the option to select which one- is this not a better way to do it? just asking.

  17. We import and sell synthetic Diesel Stabilisers that:
    Reduce emissions (Particulate Matter by at least 40%, SOx & NOx by at least 10%, CO by at least 30%).
    Also removes water from the diesel. SABS SANS 342 Compliant.
    Results guaranteed with 20 years proven track record globally.

  18. How can you propose a process which is in direct opposition to the principle of innocent until proven guilty, where the burden is on the State to prove that an offence was committed? There is a reason why we have prosecuting guidelines and the Law of Evidence, why we have an independent Judiciary and the requirement that a Procedure is followed (Criminal Procedure Act) when offences are alleged to have been committed.
    Now a body set up by another body who must secure an income to survive will determine whether you are innocent (not whether you are guilty).
    Fleet operators must PAY to be law abiding (every time you need to check vehicles and rivers against a “database” of points and “infringements”). Where is this database? Can it be accessed 24/7/365 at NO cost? How quickly will it be populated? When a driver or vehicle exceeds 12 points – how do they get back to the depot without committing another “infringement”? This is about money. Not about SAFETY. It if was – then vehicles would just be scrapped as is the case now and allowed back onto the road once roadworthy. The problem lies in dodgy roadworthy centers, police officials and operators. It is easy to fix these with the current act. You don’t need a new money-making scheme to hoodwink us into believing the authorities will improve the horrendous road safety status of the roads by leeching money off everyone.

    • Valid points which have gone completely ignored by the RTIA when raised during their public consultation processes. This scheme is an administrative nightmare and will (like so many other laws passed) increase the crisis of legitimacy experienced by Government.

  19. good day I hade a safety audit and were advised to check out this publication for toolbox talks on drivers health issues.

  20. What about using it as roof tiles too? No more leaking roofs – build it in like a puzzle as shown in the pic? Harvey tiles are extremely expensive and come in all different designs, if you have an old house (like mine), it is very unlikely to find the same tile design again. Would love the opportunity to get a quote on THAT! lol

  21. Good day
    I am Luzuko Gololo with ID 8712075716086, i have passed matric and i am working as a truck driver and helping the trailer technian to fix trailers so i want a course that will train me about maintaining trailers,welding them and spraying them,i would like to know the prices and duration of the course so that i can prepare myself

  22. I would like for Mr Solomons to contact me as I am in Insurance ( 41 years experience) and can give some good pointers.
    However, for now, the RTIA got it wrong when they decided on the allocation of the AARTO points, giving 5 points for drunk driving and 1 to cell phone usage (should have carried the same if not more than Drunk driving). It is my opinion that What’s App/texting is the cause of most road accidents and deaths in RSA, even in the case of most of the 38 % Pedestrian cases. The reason why I am saying that, is that if motorists get off the phone and look into the road, they will in 80 % of the cases, see the pedestrian in time and avoid hitting them. We see claim forms on a daily basis and the 2nd most accidents are caused in Intersections. Thirdly, I do agree with speeding and that does not refer to the 120 km/h speeding on national roads, but I am on the road the whole day in normal suburbs and when the road sign says 40 Km/H ( for a reason) , people blow their hooter at me for driving at 40 Km/h, same at 60 km/h etc- my deduction is that only 2 % of all road users, are actually driving at the prescribed speed limit and as said, specially in suburbs. 4th cause, is Impatience and the lack of respect for the Law, Rules and other people lives as nobody stops at a red robot or stop streets anymore and here I am talking not just about Taxis, but all private road users- this is shocking and I always ask myself- what will these hooligans do if someone else skips a robot and kill one of his/her loved ones. I find nowadays that women are included in these factors mentioned, being equally guilty and not just young women, but older women and men too.

  23. Need urgent U haul from Upington, northern cape to Centurion Gauteng

    Only available on cell 067 841 5848 as the wifi connection is very bad

    Urgent please!!!!

  24. Dear Sir/Madam
    Thank you for the information but I feel it’s not enough. I am a 53 year old male South African and I am considering buying a Truck at least for R200 000 cash. However, it’s still not clear to me as to:
    How much do I need to put aside as a driver’s salary?
    Should I look for a contract first before I buy the truck?
    What about the yard fees? How do I go about getting a place for my truck?
    How much money do I need to put aside after I have purchased the TRUCK?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  25. Need to hire a bakkie no driver to move goods from Kempton park to Pennington South coast KZN would lime to leave the vehicle in Pennington or nearby one or two day rental

  26. Hi Patrick i could not agree more with your venting – that is such a sad story i hope they cant sell those apples!! the attitude of people towards Truck drivers who are the lifebloood of this economy and help put food on the shelves is a sad with such selfish and thoughtless people
    Our Truck Drivers and the work they do is nothing short of fantastic
    Viva to all these hardworking guys
    Premier Trucks

    • I am a truck driver but in the UK and originally from S.A.
      I am frustrated with the lack of goodwill for the trucking industry and hope things improve for them and Karma returns the favour for the Apple farm.

  27. Hi Patrick, a great article highlighting the tough time long distance drivers have out on the road. Our drivers out there at the coal face and are more often then not the first contact and representative for the company they work for as well as the products they are carrying and delivering. It is really sad that the truck drivers are treated so badly. Thanks for venting on their behalf and keep up the great work

  28. Thank you Patrick, this is a great article, hope everyone sees it, especially the lady with the apples, it was my brother who was denied the apples, they dont have the slightest idea how worried me and my mom were to find out he hasn’t got food to eat, one has to concentrate on the road, but without food in your tummy, it gets difficult, thanks again!!!

    • Awesome Story. Alles so waar. Terwyl ek so gelees, kry k dai selfde flashbacks waar ek al so gestaan ht, mk hekke voor my toe, sorry Mnr, ons sien jo Maandag. Dan is dit ma Vrydag of Saterdag, nou ja da staan j soos kiepie kan das. En dai Appel een. JA nee, ja nee. ‘N PAKSTOOR in citrusdal, lol, ai wou my nie eers 1 lemoen gee nie, nevermind ‘n sakkie aan my verkoop. Plein Nee in my gesig. Lol. K lag eerder want di bloed weet soms raak ‘n man verby kwaad vir di mense.

  29. Thank you for this! I was in Gauteng when the lockdown hit, but had to return to Durban during the full lockdown as we supply bulk fuel. I was the only car on the road. Just me… And the trucks. There was no need for them to stick to traffic rules, no one would see, but all of them was still obeying every rule. It was a pleasure to drive on the N3 that day, except… No food available to buy. Chips, Chocolates and sweets, that was it. Even worse, all of the places I stopped at, had closed their bathrooms. In Harrismith I had to go search in the back of the building (without any lights) for one small little restroom to be used by everyone. Yes, it was clean, but I could not help to feel sorry for our truck drivers that had to cope with these circumstances. I really applaud them for still doing their job under these circumstances.

  30. Hi. Thank you for super story. Every word of it true. My husband is also a truck driver. Battling the covid 19. Over sixty. Driving long hours with insufficient compensation. Also denied food and treated very poorly

  31. Truck drivers are the life blood of the nation treat us with respect we also have a life and a job to do without us u as the people will get nothing to eat we also have a family’s we also go to the shop just like u. a truck driver don’t have a easy life on the road so please

  32. Respect a trucker..!! if you bought it a trucker brought it and to the lady with the apples even if you had only two apples you could of shared one but to have them in abundance and share none please ask for forgiveness that was really cold. As humans it is our duty to help others where we can it’s an act that makes God pleased . To my fellow truckers and colleagues at Bakers sa Ltd that are out on the road working with nowhere to get food etc we salute you it is true indeed that truckers move our country forward.

  33. Shame on you the lady of apples, keep your apples,and remember ,for you to be where you are today a truck and a dedicated driver is involved,the food that u eat,clothing, fuel, the house that you call your home truck driver is involved ,the job that you have today truck driver is involved, the money that you go and withdraw a dedicated driver took all the risk to make it happen.Clearly you need prayers. Lean to have respect of other people.

    I salute you all trucks drivers .keep it up comrades.

  34. Ja nee die lockdown is hard, Kroonvaal Truck Stop verkoop darem ng kos.As j daar weg trek is dt huistoe, want nêrens af Kaap gaan j weer warm kos kry nie, simba chips en brood miskien ja. Maar hier en daar is daar mense wat darem on Truckers help. My vriend se suster hulle voorsien warm kook kos aan Truckers in Lichtenburg. Ek ht dit op groepe laat poste ens. Harde tyd vir ons.
    Staan sterk manne
    Staan saam
    Alle Heil en Seën.

  35. Well done to the truckers. I wondered how u were getting food and was appalled to hear u couldn’t. My heart goes out to u. Tks so much for keeping on trucking. I appreciate u all.

  36. It’s really sad for that trucker to be treated so badly. Being a trucker myself for the past 25 years I know all the challenges we are faced with daily. We can only observe and endure as nobody will do anything about the difficulties we are faced with especially the authorities who regard big rigs as a big nuisance.to all my fellow truckers out there may the Lord guide you Stay Safe 🙏

  37. Why is this company not named? I am shocked. However the company is who he is working for is also to blame. If the owners of trucking companies treat their drivers like the “gold” that they are this would not have happened. Double shame here

  38. That’s so touching, People should learn to be empathy to others, maybe author for correction we never had World war 11, it was World war 2

  39. What a touching article. Truck drivers should be respected they do so much for us. We just recently bought a truck and have been blessed with such a wonderful driver. It’s our first time and very stressful and we now look at truckers so differently as we know what a stressful job they have. We look at them with a new respect. If not for them where would businesses be. A shout out to all truck drivers we are proud of you and may Gods blessings be on u always

  40. My husband works in Ireland as a trucker going on 10 months now. Myself and the kids are still in s.a hopefully we can join him soon. I’m thankful everytime I speak to him that he’s not a trucker in s.a anymore. There is no respect or even human decency towards truckers here. My husband is also an essential worker , delivers food, every night at one of his 3 delivery points he will receive a complete balanced “lunch” package left there for him. I love you guys there on the road. Thank you for all you do, you do not deserve this treatment. Stay safe.

  41. This is bull****** that the truck driver’s get treated like that I respect the truck driver’s more than any politician.
    Thanks for all you guys have done for us South Africans.God bless you all.

  42. This so true, its so disappointing to hear. My husband is currently on the road and we as a family are worried what he will eat, where can he sleep, and wash up, will he be safe if he pulls over to cstch some sleep. Thank you for posting this article… DRIVERS IS OUR HEROES!!! “I salute you”.

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  44. I want do a dangerous goods training at your company. I am a mosotho man aged 41, i have a code 14 drivers licence and public driving permit .

  45. I like the fact that i grew up in those surrounding and it gave our brothers job opportunity and i am studying agriculture so i can work for the company i know that develops my community.

  46. What happened to the section in the AARTO act, that deducted the points from drivers who break the rules, and the points gets deducted from the Fleet Managers License???????

  47. Hi guys how do i get the driver-owner jobs with my new bakkie, i have searching for these jobs on the internet its difficult to secure these contracts

  48. I am really glad to know your moving history about U-Haul. Thanks to express great experience. I think U-Haul is one of the top moving truck services in the USA. Personally, I thought that moving is stressful. But it’s can be easy when we hire a moving truck from U-Haul.

  49. Dynamic truck rental.

    Haven’t come across a woman more unreliable as Bernadette.

    In good faith we give them a 7day diesel account
    5weeks later still no payment

    Sold the diesel
    Paid a portion is drips and
    Drabs and is pulling me from week to week. For R160 odd thousand rand.

    If they can’t pay for there diesel be careful ull be renting a truck that might just get repossessed with your cargo.

  50. Hi Sir
    I registered my transportation company in 2018 ,I have all relevant documents that you may ask for regarding transport.
    CK certificate
    SARS certificate
    BB-EEE certificate
    GIT certificate
    Business Plan
    Business Account and many more..

    Just that I registered my company while i don’t have capital to buy my atleast 1 truck for my company, I was expecting to get a finding from SEFA but I didn’t get that funding because I can’t get a Contract from any company. I have 2 Letter Of Intent ,,1 for Frimax the second for Monteagle.At Frimax they want 2 Volvo superlinks and 1 Volvo superlink for Monteagle.

    How can you assist in my matter because I don’t have R3m in cash to buy a truck ? But I like Volvo trucks

    Sir I really need your assistance in getting this trucks.

  51. These thugs are criminals and the ANC does nothing about it- the Transport industry is one of the backbones of the South African economy and helps to keep the very same Thugs in jobs , if they do have jobs- FoolS !!!!!!!!

  52. A logistic Company manager advise us to purchase a tractor 380 Renault to transport at SAB. Now after we did, we are unable to get in contact. Please assist us in getting a contract for the tractor. We need to do our payments.

  53. Hi Patrick, we are a company that manufactures products for the road building process and one of our products is a unique pothole repair solution. We have endeavored to make representations to various local councils and municipalities without any success. We have a solution that includes creating employment but to date have had zero response. A number of resident associations use our product to repair potholes themselves, one of these is Senekal. It may be worth a discussion on your forum.

  54. If anyone has or know where I can buy kindly leave the details here please
    It’s very urgent and we need to purchase it urgently

  55. Our national assets’ tragic destruction is probably nowhere more visible than that being wrought on our country’s secondary road network by heavy commercial vehicles rendering them almost impassable in places. The state of secondary roads in the Free State, Limpopo, and Mapumalanga is well documented.
    Driving on the R527 and R40 around Hoedspruit in Limpopo will leave no one in doubt that this unfolding disaster is about to befall the local community as well. Until recently, rail appears to have been the preferred transportation method for coal from the Waterberg and magnetite from Phalaborwa to Maputo. The once-familiar sound of diesel/electric locomotives is now rare. Bulk side tipper combinations, which were seldom seen here until recently, now run in convoys (often up to ten at a time) on the R40. Suddenly the roads are full of potholes and distorted asphalt. Soon, these roads will be destroyed, endangering the local communities’ lives and driving up logistics costs. The Abel Erasmus pass on the R527 was never designed for such large commercial vehicles (ox wagons more likely). There is now at least one heavy commercial vehicle accident per week on the pass.
    The reality is:
    • Most of South Africa’s secondary road network was designed for 8 200kg axles, not the 9 000kg currently permissible.
    • Roads have a design lifespan based on x number of loaded axles on the road over a pre-determined period, not x² caused by the explosion of ore and minerals being moved by road.
    • Legally loaded heavy vehicles cause 40% of road pavement damage, which probably rises to 50% with poor tyre pressure management and overspeeding.
    • “Smart” trucks operate under abnormal load permits, which are, strictly speaking, illegal as the loads they carry are divisible.
    Is it not time we called the industry to account, and I am not talking only of the truckers?
    • Transnet Railfreight – how have they allowed a situation to develop where they cannot compete with road freight even for their core business or provide the required capacity? The once electrified track from Phalaborwa to Nelspruit is now run with diesel/electrics. How was this allowed to happen?
    • CSIR – promoting “smart” trucks that do not comply with the road traffic act and bypass its intentions and give certain operators a competitive advantage.
    • National Department of Transport – lack of coordination of legislation, under-recovery of vehicle license fees in certain provinces that have caused dwindling registration of heavy vehicles in other provinces and not coming up with a transport master plan for the country.
    • Mines and other industries move bulk ores to the ports by the cheapest mode with little or no thought of their socioeconomic impact.
    • Eskom – no power to beneficiate minerals and ores (increasing tonnages moved by road) while also adding to the destruction of the country’s secondary road network by not having a comprehensive plan for their coal logistics requirements for power stations.
    • Trucking companies – short-term profits with little consideration for their actions’ economic impact on our damaged economy.
    The government has neither the money nor the competencies to fix this problem. The current situation is not sustainable for any of the players.

  56. We saw them on the N3 N12, congratulations and Happy Birthday, we don’t know how long that convoy was when we joined the highway and when we left to go towards n17, so we hooted goodbye and a few good sports waved back

  57. Well done and congratulations…I saw the trucks and bakkies being escorted by the police today …and got worried that something was wrong….God bless and stay safe

  58. It was great. Didn’t know about the birthday, so assumed it’s a consignment to the airport for Covid, because only thing that made sense. Happy birthday. Here’s to many more successful years. ✨

  59. We also saw Value Convoys here in Johannesburg and wondered what is happening.
    A Very Happy 40 Years Value Trucks! Well Done!!
    Great Idea!!!

  60. Hino In Port Elizabeth is undoubtedly the best I have ever experienced. The service is exceptional and always professional….
    They go above and beyond At all times

  61. My personal feeling is that AARTO is a revenue collection system that has nothing to do with road safety.
    How will it be enforced in the mini bus taxi industry?
    How will it affect professional drivers?

    There are more questions than answers.

    The traffic authorities are unable to enforce (and in many cases understand) the current road legislation. How are they going to enforce this system. In less than 5 years you would have very few legal drivers on the road.

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  66. u people clearly don’t recognize the true scale of the trucking industry in southern Africa. Look at Zambia and SA as an example. try to find how big the trucking business is there alone just as a rep for Southern Africa. not to mention Zimbabwe

  67. u people clearly don’t recognize the true scale of the trucking industry in southern Africa. Look at Zambia and SA as an example. try to find how big the trucking business is there alone just as a rep for Southern Africa. not to mention Zimbabwe. but now take the whole of southern africa as a whole. DRC, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique and SOTUH AFRICA. Since you wanna compare whole regions!

  68. I honestly think a new model needs to be looked at in South Africa, In America there are a lot of owner drivers using what they call a loadboards, sadly the big companies will lose from this however more independent drivers will be able to take charge leading to these cut costs. Big businesses have a lot of overhead costs as mentioned above, but individual owner operators with maybe a fleet of 5-10 trucks can definitely make an impact as the overheads would be lower. Sadly a sparetyre would need to be affixed to the truck as that too has a lot of costs involved. Those companies charge per kilometer they travel where as the driver can have the tire changed in under and hour eliminating downtime.

  69. I agree with this in so many ways. The sad part to this is the safety of other road users due to the lack of maintenance, also mentioned in the article. The fact that fingers are pointed at transporters as being the culprits in the rise of road accidents are due to all mentioned in the article. Fatigue and maintenance.

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    When business owners understand how their vehicles are used, they may expect increased productivity. Speeding, accidents, excessive fuel consumption, and rough driving are all examples of unnecessary costs that can be avoided with effective fleet management.

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  76. That comment by the minister is because the fool did not take some factors into account, namely:
    – how will the loads get to final destinations?
    – where is he going to find funds to employ additional 2 million people per shift ( 2 shifts per day) to safeguard the railtracks ( and then how will he curb corruption within the 4 million additional guards)?

    another Non-concentrating moment by the ANC and their cronies, the EFF. RSA people HAVE to get rid of the ANC at the next polls in 2024