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New walking floor is worth a look

The Keith walking floor V-floor is constructed of Hi-Wear steel and specially designed to handle maximum duty loads in the widest range of products. Here it is seen unloading aluminium bullets.

Leading ‘˜walking floor’ supplier, Jost Transport Equipment (JTE), reports that the Keith Walking floors have made a significant impact on its ‘˜walking floor’ business. JTE were awarded the Keith agency in 2010.

“The Keith technology represents a major advance on our previous floors and the market has responded beyond all expectations,’ says JTE floor equipment product manager Bryan Marshall, adding that the product stimulating the most interest is the Keith V-Floor, which has two distinct advantages.

“Firstly, having no gaps between the planks, it is completely sealed and can therefore move a wider range of materials than any other floor on the market. This includes any of the abrasive products like gravel, sand-stone, glass, steel, chrome and even asphalt.

“Secondly, the Keith V-floor is one of the quickest on the market and, with the right configuration in the warehouse, loading and unloading is a matter of minutes,’ says Marshall.

Regarding the all important payload issue, Marshall explains that the Keith V-Floor on a 13.5 metre tri-axle trailer can achieve a legal payload of 28 to 30 tons depending on the weight of the trailer. “Naturally there is a small reduction in legal payloads due to the heavier plank design but the benefits, like for example, significant time saving, more than make up for it,’ he says.

Another benefit of the ‘˜moving floor’ is greater opportunity for return loads. “The Keith floor enables the vehicle to carry almost any product and our experience is that very few of our users ever ride empty on the return leg,’ says Marshall.

He adds that the market is increasingly taking note of the positives of walking floor technology and the significant cost savings that can be made.

“No tipping means the vehicle cannot fall over, you can discharge the load indoors and the truck can be loaded from the rear or from the top. Using a qstationary walking floor in a warehouse along with a mobile walking floor in the trailer, a pre-loaded load of stacked pallets in the warehouse can be loaded onto the trailer in five to nine minutes.’

JTE is taking the Keith technology seriously and is investing heavily in 7marketing to help grow the Keith Walking Floor range. This includes the construction of a demo unit that is available from this month for customer viewing. With transport productivity and efficiency being all important, it’s worth a look.


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