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In Conversation with Unitrans Fuel and Chemical

The Q39 bulk fuel tanker offers the highest standards of clean and tamper proof product. Note the absence of a ladder to scale the top of the tanker.All manhole covers are secured under a bolted down cover and are electronic sealed and monitored.

In this edition, FuelWatch talks to Louis Steyl, contracts manager at Unitrans Fuel and Chemicals in Cape Town about the company’s latest acquisition , the Q39, 35 000 litre capacity GRW built bulk fuel tanker for dedicated deliveries to Shell filling stations and selected customers.

The ultimate fleet will consist of 13 Q39 semi-trailer bulk fuel tankers pulled by P380 Scania single axle truck-tractors. These are designed and built to provide Shell filling stations with totally secured deliveries in terms of contamination and pilferage free products.

The Q39 has six 6 000 litre capacity compartments with the rearmost compartment divided into two 3 000 litre capacity sections to accommodate customers requiring smaller deliveries. The bulk tanker is designed to make sealed parcel deliveries (SPD) of a precise 6000 litres or multiples of 6000 litres. Petrol, diesel or paraffin can be transported as a load or as a shared load.

A view of the cab-mounted control panel indicating the status of each compartment. A green light signifies secured compartments, red lights indicate the electronic sensor has been activated. The system monitors electronic controls and not the movement of product.When loading has been completed, the compartments are electronically sealed. The electronic sensors confirm the load is sealed by switching on a green light for each compartment on the control board located in the trucktractor’s cab. No compartment can be discharged unless the electronic seal is released by triggering an air lock to release the compartment “key’. Once released a red light lights up on the control board for a specific compartment. The electronic sensor for each
compartment monitors the opening of the seal, not the movement of product.

A view of the compartment controls. Each compartment has its own "key" (note the upright lever) that can only be actioned when the electronic security valve is released.When vehicles arrive at a scheduled drop point, all loaded compartments are indicated by a green light. The system is not dependent on the driver to take any specific action to initiate the delivery. All manhole covers are sealed and bolted and are protected under a grid. No ladder is provided to gain access to the top of the tank. Manhole covers are also monitored with electronic sensors.

In combination, the sealing of compartments and manholes provides considerable reassurance that access to the load cannot easily be gained. The Q39 seems certain to facilitate and complement Shell’s vender inventory management system by contributing to more efficient routing and scheduling to achieve timely replenishment of reseller supplies and cost-efficient transport.

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