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HINO sets environmental goals

Assembly line HINO - Japan

HINO in Japan has set a number of important goals in its recently- announced 2015 Environmental Initiative Plan which is aimed at building global trust for the brand and its products.

The plan is based on the company’s expectations for future trends in the global society as increasing focus is placed on environmental friendliness as well as compliance with increasingly stringent regulations in terms of emissions, fuel economy, recyclability and environmental requirements for manufacturing facilities.

The four points on which Hino will concentrate are: building a low carbon society, creating a closed loop economy, environmental conservation and the creation of a society co-existing in harmony with nature as well as the development of efficient environmental management.

Improving fuel economy is cardinal as a contributor to creating a low carbon society and this will not only be limited to developing next generation vehicles but also raising customer awareness of environmentally friendly driving methods.

In terms of creating a closed loop economy, Hino is improving the recyclability of its trucks and the effective use of resources, starting at the product design and development stages.

Hino aims to cut harmful emissions and promote recycling in all aspects of the production process and will comply with laws and regulations relating to the recycling of end-of-life vehicles in each country.

The company will introduce new generation low emission vehicles in order to contribute to improving the air quality in each country in which Hino trucks are sold as part of its drive for environmental conservation and the creation of a society coexisting in harmony with nature.

It will also enhance the management of harmful chemical materials in its products and substitute them with those substances having a lower impact on the environment.

Hino will also work with consideration for biodiversity and assist where it can in creating a society that coexists in harmony with nature.

Lastly, the Japanese truck maker will carry out environmental management – both independently and in partnership with group companies around the world – to ensure that all these environmental initiatives are progressed globally.

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