G4S (SA) selects MiX Telematics as fleet management solutions provider

2013-07-11 11:18
Fitting the MiX Telematics fleet management solution to their vehicles has the aim of better protecting the cash G4S Cash Solutions moves around the country on a daily basis.

MiX Telematics, a leading global provider of fleet management, driver safety and vehicle tracking solutions, has been awarded a long-term contract with new customer G4S Cash Solutions (SA).

As the country’s largest provider of integrated security solutions, G4S Cash Solutions (SA) elected a MiX Telematics fleet management solution with the aim of better protecting the cash they move around the country on a daily basis on behalf of their customers , while also making sure this is done in the most efficient way possible.

This decision was made following a successful trial that ran over six months and implementation of the MiX Telematics solution will begin soon.

“We’ll be fitting the solution in 900 G4S cash-in-transit vehicles as well as 330 of their support vehicles,’ says Gert Pretorius, managing director of MiX Telematics (Africa Fleet Solutions).

“Among other features, the solution will streamline communication between drivers and the control room as well as optimising route planning and vehicle utilisation,’ says Pretorius.

Albert Erasmus, managing director of G4S Cash Solutions (SA), sees the solution as an important value-add to their current security offering, stating: “We’re innovators in the field of end-to-end cash technology and we’re always on the look-out for new ways to integrate technology if it means a safer, more efficient security outcome for our customers.

“An aspect we’re really excited about is the lowered risk around the delivery of security codes for the vault and doors on our vehicles,’ says Erasmus. “Using the MiX Telematics solution, these codes will only become available to drivers upon arrival at a customer site , in real-time , meaning the window of risk in this part of our supply chain will be vastly reduced.’


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