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Truck Hijacking and Truck Looting: Are we winning or losing?



As if the COVID-19 lockdown has not brought enough hardship to the trucking industry, truck operators and drivers now also have to contend with a marked increase in truck hijacking. Since 1994 when the borders of South Africa were opened to trade, South Africa has had to deal with a hijacking problem. In fact, the telematics industry cut its teeth on the tracking and recovery of hijacked and stolen vehicles long before it ventured into the fleet management arena. In those early days, it was more about hijacking.

Now, however, truckers are facing an additional and serious threat from another source – service delivery protests where trucks are being attacked and destroyed by inadvertently ending up in local protests. The double whammy of organised hijacking syndicates and angry residents is causing huge losses in the industry and unfortunately, there have been incidents of the ultimate loss, namely, lives.

In this webinar, FleetWatch has gathered together a panel of hands-on experts to throw light on the current situation as well as discuss ways to beat this scourge.


11:00 to 11:05: Welcome – Patrick O’Leary, FleetWatch

11:05 to 11:20: MiX Telematics 

11:20 to 11:30: Ferdi Gobey, Pinnacle Risk Management

11:30 to 11:40:  Dup du Preez, Zimele Truck Stop Enterprises

11:40 to 11:50:  Niveshan Moodley, Momentum Logistics

11:50 to 12:00:  Questions and Answers

This webinar is partnered by MiX Telematics

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