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Setting off into 2024 with optimism

Clinton Holcroft, CEO of Serco is optimistic about 2024.
Clinton Holcroft, CEO of Serco is optimistic about 2024.

Another challenging year lies ahead for South Africa with negative factors such as load shedding and congestion at the country’s ports taking their toll. However, Clinton Holcroft, CEO of truck and trailer manufacturer Serco is optimistic about prospects for Serco, citing innovation and resilience as the company’s beacons of hope and confidence.

Looking back on a “tough” 2023, Holcroft says while trailer orders had decreased, there had been an encouraging surge in the company’s repair business. He says the impact of load shedding on retailers and the perishable food industry had been significant. Amid all the chaos and drama and to counter the impacts of load shedding, Serco’s Cape Town branch had joined joins the ranks of the solar powered, in line with its Durban and Johannesburg branches.

A highlight for the company last year was being the recipient of the SPAR Group’s Award for the most Improved Supplier in 2023. “We’re really excited about that as giving excellent service to our customers is what we aim for constantly.”

Holcroft is optimistic about 2024 seeing a “reasonable” improvement in the company’s trailer and truck body sales. Recent product enhancements, including a high-volume dry freight interlink trailer and the lightweight Protec Lite refrigerated trailer, had attracted positive client feedback.

“Exciting developments continue with the introduction of E-tag axle charging systems on our new trailers. This technology, piloted in collaboration with clients, harnesses power to fuel the fridge and tail lift, reducing reliance on diesel and eliminating cumbersome electrical cables.”

The trucking industry and the suppliers into this sector are well known for their resilience in the face of challenges. Getting out of the starting blocks for 2024 via this vote of confidence for the year ahead is typical of this characteristic. Up trucking!

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