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Revolutionising Fleet Management with Data Science


A Fresh Perspective on Fleet Management 

The challenges of managing a fleet, monitoring vehicle usage, ensuring driver safety, and controlling costs can be overwhelming. In the fast-paced world of fleet management, staying ahead of the curve is no small feat. However, a new player has entered the market with a revolutionary new fleet management solution, using data science to redefine how fleets should be managed. Say hello to FleetScience, the future of fleet management.

Informed Fleet Decisions

FleetScience goes beyond data; it connects multiple disparate data sources to provide data-driven insights that enable you to make informed fleet decisions. These insights elevate your fleet management strategy, ensuring that every move you make is backed by advanced data analytics. FleetScience is a game-changer, and it’s here to transform the way you manage your fleet. 

Effective Budget Analysis: FleetScience empowers precise budget adherence. Track expenses, compare to benchmarks, and visualise financial data effortlessly.

Vigilant Usage Monitoring: FleetScience safeguards unauthorised vehicle usage and flags private kilometres, notifying you of irregularities in vehicle use.

Efficient Fuel Control: Monitor fuel costs and consumption, analyse adherence and consistently meet fuel efficiency goals with FleetScience’s advanced tool.

Digital Financial Auditing: FleetScience ensures financial integrity, detecting irregular card spend and unauthorised activities – your virtual forensic auditor.

Opportunity Analytics: FleetScience uncovers hidden costs – excessive fuel use, unauthorised usage, and irregular card spend, providing a roadmap to sustainable savings.

Unlocking Powerful Capabilities

FleetScience have eliminated the need for additional devices and use advanced data analytics and machine learning to deliver five core fleet management capabilities: 

Monitoring Vehicle Utilisation: FleetScience’s vehicle usage analysis provides complete visibility, helping you track mileage, monitor fuel consumption, and compare actual metrics to budgets. The application pinpoints any irregularities and unauthorised use for operational control.

Prioritising Safe Driving: Safety on the road is non-negotiable. FleetScience’s driver risk algorithm creates individual risk profiles, flagging incidents, highlighting exceptions, and enhancing driver performance. 

Ensuring Procurement Transparency: FleetScience’s card spend analysis tool acts as your financial watchdog, auditing all procurement made through fleet bank cards. It uncovers spending trends, raises red flags for irregularities and potential fraud, and identifies opportunities for cost savings. 

Enabling Financial Mastery: Effective fleet management encompasses more than just operations; it requires a strong financial foundation. FleetScience’s financial analysis tool equips finance teams to meticulously track and control fleet expenses, ensuring financial compliance and budget adherence. 

Tracking Rep Movement: FleetScience’s rep monitoring algorithm uses geospatial technology to sync vehicles and handheld devices, reducing call cycle costs, ensuring ‘in-person’ calls, and preventing unauthorised vehicle use.

Transform Your Fleet 

FleetScience’s intuitive interface, cutting-edge analytics, and intelligent fleet monitoring redefine what’s possible. From operations to finance, FleetScience is your partner in transforming fleet challenges into opportunities. 

FleetScience is priced from R99 per vehicle per month, based on a pay-as-you-go subscription with no hardware costs and no contract periods.  

Learn more: www.fleetscience.co.za 

Contact us: info@fleetscience.co.za 

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