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New extended warranty offering from Isuzu Trucks

The new extended warranty offer applies across the full Isuzu truck range but it has to be bought at the same time as the customer buys the new vehicle.
The new extended warranty offer applies across the full Isuzu truck range but it has to be bought at the same time as the customer buys the new vehicle.

Isuzu Trucks has announced that it will be offering customers the option to sign up for an extended warranty on the purchase of their new trucks. The extended warranty is for five years and up to 700 000 kilometres applicable to all new purchases.

Currently, when customers buy any Isuzu truck, it comes with a standard two-year warranty. For new purchases made from June 2023, customers are given the option to extend their warranty for a small cost – anything from R5 000 to R7 500 depending on the model.

It is a voluntary purchase and customers will need to elect to purchase the extended warranty at the same time as they buy the new vehicle. “If, for example, a customer buys his truck today, an extended warranty cannot be purchased six months down the line,” says Craig Uren, Senior Vice President: Revenue Generation at Isuzu.

“The warranty guarantees the truck against breakdowns and mechanical failure for the duration of the warranty, as long as the customer correctly maintains their truck according to the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. If a failure occurs and the customer has maintained the truck according to the schedule, Isuzu will ensure the issue is resolved and will return the truck to its original specification.”

According to Uren, an extended warranty can be a compelling choice for fleet owners of trucks for several reasons. He cites thee as being:

  • Cost predictability: An extended warranty provides fleet owners with a predictable budget for maintenance and repairs. It covers the cost of unexpected repairs that may arise during the warranty period, reducing the financial burden on the fleet owner.
  • Ease of doing business: Trucks are a crucial asset for fleet owners and any downtime can result in significant revenue loss. With an extended warranty, repairs are often expedited, minimising the time the truck spends off the road. This helps fleet owners maintain their operational efficiency and meet their delivery schedules.
  • Enhanced coverage: Extended warranties often offer coverage for a broader range of components and systems than standard warranties. This can include major engine and transmission components, electrical systems, emissions control systems, and more. The extended coverage provides fleet owners with peace of mind and protects them from potentially expensive repairs.
  • Manufacturer support: Opting for an extended warranty from the truck manufacturer or an authorised dealer ensures that repairs are performed by qualified technicians using genuine parts. This can help maintain the truck’s reliability, performance, and overall value over its lifespan.
  • Whole life cost saving: While there is a small upfront cost associated with purchasing an extended warranty, it can potentially save fleet owners money in the long run. The warranty coverage can offset the expenses of major repairs, which can be significantly higher than the cost of the warranty itself. This can result in overall cost savings for the fleet owner.

“Isuzu is committed to helping our customers keep their trucks on the road for longer and guarantees their durability and reliability. With the extended warranty on offer, for a nominal upfront cost of the purchase cost of the truck, you are getting more than double your normal warranty.”

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