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Brake & Tyre Watch event enhances road safety in Durban


The FleetWatch Brake & Tyre Watch event held on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2024 in eThekwini was a resounding success, bringing together a dedicated group of 71 delegates from the Road Traffic Inspectorate, Metro Police, SAPS, Harbour Police and the Fire Department. This initiative fostered close co-operation between various departments, all united in their commitment to enhancing road safety.

The first day of the event took place at the Riverside Hotel on the 22nd May 2024, where attendees participated in theory training sessions. The high turnout and active participation underscored the importance and relevance of the training provided.

The second day saw a shift to the RTI Pinetown testing facility, where the focus was on practical training. Participants were given the opportunity to touch, see and hear all the faults discussed during the theoretical sessions, thereby reinforcing their learning. The day commenced with an inspection of a well-maintained DAF truck and trailer provided by Babcock Africa, setting a benchmark for what a roadworthy vehicle should look like.

The practical training involved splitting the participants into teams, each of which rotated through various training stations. These stations included:

  1. External Lights and Conspicuity Tape (run by Orafol)
  2. Tyres (run by Bridgestone)
  3. Fifth Wheel (run by JOST)
  4. Braking Systems (run by ZF Aftermarket)
  5. Pit Inspection (run by BPW Axles)

During the inspections, four trucks were thoroughly examined, resulting in three significant failures. This high failure rate highlights the critical need for rigorous vehicle inspections and the importance of ongoing training to ensure road safety.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our valued partners for their unwavering support including Bridgestone, ZF (Wabco), Standard Bank, Orafol, BPW Axles, MiX Telematics, JC Auditors, JOST, Babcock Africa, DAF, Santam and Accident Specialist. Your contributions were instrumental in making this event possible and in promoting safer roads for everyone.

And a big thanks must also go out to Daniel Hiralall, Chief Traffic Engineering Technician from eThekwini Transport Authority, eThekwini Municipality for bringing together delegates from the different departments as a catalyst towards working together in close co-operation in the interests of road safety. This move was a winner in every way.

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