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Weather alert to operators and drivers – Prepare for icy cold weather


Here’s a shout out to all transport operators and truck drivers to kit up in your trucks for icy-cold weather conditions throughout the country with snow falling in many areas – particularly in the Cape. Philip Hull of Community Medical Services has been watching the weather for the past week in case help is needed on the N3 in the Van Reenens Pass area where trucks have, in the past, been stranded in the snow. However, good news is he reckons it doesn’t look like snow will fall in that area in the coming week (“not enough moisture in the air, he reckons”).

However, temperatures are going to plummet along the N3 where trucks will be hauling suppliers down to KZN communities following last week’s chaos. Mooi River is predicted to reach lows of -5 degrees. Truckers travelling on the N1 can expect to encounter snow along the route. Low temperatures can also be expected in Gauteng. Check this out: “Powerful cold front with core near Antarctica to blast near-polar air to Gauteng from Thursday, with accompanying upper-air trough adding intensity!” Eieeesh.

Basically the whole country is going to be freezing over the next week and according to Philip Hull, FleetWatch’s ace weather watcher, another cold front is coming in behind this one and is pushing a lot of moisture ahead of it which means Van Reenens could be hit with snow later. So please ensure all trucks drivers have blankets and extras tinned food, water, torches etc with them in case they get stuck – for any reason – along their routes.

Have a look at the accompanying poster prepared by FleetWatch some time ago for winter driving. We hope it helps. And if you get a chance – LIGHT A FIRE AND BRAAI.

Purchase printed copies on our online store. We also offer laminated copies for you to place up in your workshops or offices.

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