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Webinar – The real issues around fuel consumption


A huge variable cost of any transport operation is the cost of fuel. However, if managed properly, it can yield measurable benefits. The issue is that many companies are willing to leave the improvement of fuel consumption solely to the driver. In addition to training drivers in economical driving, there are so many other factors that need to be considered in order to improve fuel consumption.

Fuel consumption is impacted by a number of factors – such as tyre pressure, a poorly specified vehicle specification, lack of maintenance, contamination in fuel bowsers, engine torque control, aerodynamics, and many more “hidden” factors.

The partnership between FleetWatch and UD Trucks will present an in-depth webinar covering all factors that affect fuel consumption – and ways to improve it. It’s more than just measuring km per litre. It is about productivity, which is measured in litres per ton per km.

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