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 #ThankYouTrucker Is Back! 


Truckers are the backbone of our country’s economy and always do their utmost to serve their communities. This year, we want to celebrate these unsung heroes for all they do, by giving them a chance to be voted South Africa’s no.1 trucker and win an amazing cash prize!

#ThankYouTrucker 2021 was an incredible success and saw us receive a myriad of inspiring entries about our country’s esteemed drivers! This success motivated IVECO South Africa to once again partner with the Road Freight Association (RFA) to find South Africa’s favourite trucker in #ThankYouTrucker 2022!

#ThankYouTrucker is an initiative aimed at shining the spotlight on the unsung heroes of our country and within the road freight industry: the drivers. We believe that these incredible men and women deserve to be celebrated for all that they do every day, which was the inspiration behind the #ThankYouTrucker initiative. We are encouraging freight company owners and fleet managers/operators to show their gratitude for hard-working and outstanding drivers in their companies by nominating them for #ThankYouTrucker – and once the entries are in, South Africa will vote for their favourite trucker and award them an amazing life-changing cash prize! 

Throughout the many hardships this country has faced, our dedicated truckers have persevered and ensured that the road freight industry – which is vital to South Africa’s transport of goods – continued serving the people. These are the people who ensure that the critical delivery of everyday goods is met, sometime even putting their lives on the line to get the job done. “Trucking is the backbone of domestic supply chains and without trucks, our economy stops,” says Martin Liebenberg, Managing Director of IVECO SA. “Despite the war in Ukraine, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, unrest, natural and national disasters, massive fuel price hikes and sporadic supply chain disruptions, our truck drivers continue to deliver what we need every day and go the extra mile. Through the #ThankYouTrucker campaign, IVECO SA and the RFA want to honour and celebrate the great work and efforts of our nation’s most exceptional drivers.”

These drivers are the men and women who often go above and beyond the call of duty, sacrificing their time and effort to ensure the job gets done to the best of their abilities. They are passionate about their work, caring, trustworthy, dependable individuals who are always willing to lend a helping hand, and they motivate their colleagues to be and do their best, as well. Previous entries received highlighted the outstanding characteristics of South Africa’s best drivers and showed us how amazing our local truckers truly are. 

#ThankYouTrucker 2021 saw some incredibly inspiring entries about drivers who always go the extra mile and whose dedication and hard work is unmatched. Our 2021 winners were: 

1st: Nimrod Maseko Maphanga Logistics in Mpumalanga who won the grand prize of R50,000!

2nd: Matthew Moonsamy – Imperial Contract Logistics in KZN who walked away with R10,000!

3rd: Audrey Chiloane – Zosi Group (PTY) LTD in Gauteng who won R5,000! 

You can visit our website to read up on the multitude of amazing entries received for #ThankYouTrucker 2021 and learn more about these outstanding individuals – and when you’re ready to nominate exceptional truckers in your company for #ThankYouTrucker, visit our website and send us a short motivation as to why your nominee/s should be voted South Africa’s number 1 trucker for 2022; and they could be the winner of:

Grand Prize: R50,000

Second Place: R10,000

Third Place: R5,000 

Visit www.thankyoutrucker.co.za today and show your appreciation for our truckers by nominating them for a chance to change their lives. Entries close 3 September 2022. Terms and conditions apply.

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