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Serco builds two ‘chick trucks’

One of Serco’s newly built vehicles used to transport day old chicks for Eagles Pride Hatchery.
One of Serco’s newly built vehicles used to transport day old chicks for Eagles Pride Hatchery.

The variety of purposes for which trucks are used never ceases to amaze FleetWatch and yet seldom does the full role of the truck in society catch the eye of the public. Take this story as an example.

The largest independent, non-integrated, day-old chick supplier in Southern Africa, Eagles Pride Hatchery, has taken delivery of two Serco-built truck bodies designed specifically for transporting day-old chicks.

Eagles Pride Hatchery was established in 2001 and supplies millions of broiler day-old chicks per week into most provinces in South Africa as well as into neighbouring countries like Botswana and Swaziland. The company supplies six days per week on a continuous basis.

Certified fit for export by the National Department of Agriculture, the hatcheries supply a big percentage of the total broiler day-old chicks produced in South Africa. Fertile hatching eggs are produced by broiler breeders. The company has hatcheries in Pretoria, Hekpoort, Bronkhorstspruit and Koster which supply day-old broilers.

Managing Director Charl Coetzee says the emphasis on the vehicle selection was on providing vehicles that were affordable and dependable as well as ensuring optimum transport solutions for the very fragile cargo of day-old chicks.

Key product features include an emergency air vent, mixing chambers to regulate the air flow and extractors on the roof to ensure the utmost comfort and safety of the day-old chicks. The air-conditioned interiors have an upgraded floor design which ensures an even air flow around the interior of the vehicle and around the cargo.

Coetzee says this is Serco’s first sales deal for Eagles Pride Hatchery and there is a good possibility of further business with the company in the near future.

Transport manager, Werner Van der Walt who is based in Bronkhorstspruit, says the trucks were additions and upgrades to the company’s existing fleet. “We chose Serco because they offered a great business deal and we were impressed with the quality of their product. Added to that we received excellent before and after sales service from the Serco team.” 

Who would have thought? When you shop at the supermarket, you buy one chicken and a six-pack of eggs for the family. And here we have a company using trucks to transport millions of day-old chicks per week all over the country. The mind boggles. Don’t you just love the trucking industry?

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