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Send FleetWatch your pothole pictures


FleetWatch is looking for the biggest pothole ‘gemors’ in South Africa and is inviting our readers to send us pictures of the potholes you encounter on your travels. As a kick-off, here are some pictures of potholes on the R512 in the North West Province taken by FleetWatch editor Patrick O’Leary. Can you beat these?

While one may joke about potholes as being good fishing dams or hideaway trenches for criminals to duck into and hide when being chased by cops, the state of South Africa’s provincial roads is not only pathetic but is also costing road users thousands and thousands of Rand in changing tyres and rims which are totally destroyed by these monsters.

I know of one person who has paid out just on R60 000 to have his shattered rims and tyres replaced after slamming into potholes. Worse though is that many people have been seriously injured when their vehicle rolls after a pothole bursts their tyre – and many of the injured and traumatised are kids.

For trucks, tyre damage adds huge costs to an already stretched bottom line. Potholes impart massive damage to trucks – not only to the tyres but also air bags and springs. It’s actually the pits and it shouldn’t be like this.

So please, send your pictures along with the location of the pothole – or potholes – to The Editor at fleetwatch@pixie.co.za and cc theeditor@fleetwatch.co.za. We may even give away a prize for the best submission. A fishing rod perhaps?

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  1. Hi Patrick, we are a company that manufactures products for the road building process and one of our products is a unique pothole repair solution. We have endeavored to make representations to various local councils and municipalities without any success. We have a solution that includes creating employment but to date have had zero response. A number of resident associations use our product to repair potholes themselves, one of these is Senekal. It may be worth a discussion on your forum.


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