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Let’s regroup and add strength for the fight ahead


By Patrick O’Leary

To all our readers, listeners and advertisers, FleetWatch wishes you a happy and safe Festive Season and we extend this wish right through to the end of the season and into next year and beyond. I’m not going to go on about the ups and downs of the past year simply because we’ve all been through our own ups and downs – from a personal and business perspective. Mine might be nothing compared to yours or, they might be huge compared to yours. Some people and companies have grown, some have floundered. Some people have lost their loved ones; thank goodness I have not. Some have handled it all well, others have had emotional and mental problems they’ve never experienced before. Each person has gone through his or her own particular battle in dealing with the disruptive circumstances brought on not only by the two years of the Covid pandemic but also by lousy politics, unprecedented riots, high crime rates, Eskom power outages, rampant filthy corruption, a lousy economy and all the other shenanigans that have added to the Covid woes. What I am going to urge everyone to do over this period is to really take some time off to regroup yourself, your families, your strengths, your resilience, your courage and your determination to continue fighting through it all. That is certainly part of what I am going to do in the upcoming few weeks. No, we’re not going away on holiday but I am going to find areas of my home and surroundings that I have overlooked before and that can give me added enjoyment; not just over this Festive Season but throughout next year. I am going to try find areas inside myself that I haven’t perhaps explored before; areas that will unearth some new forms of self-discovery and ‘goed-spa’. One thing is for sure. I am not giving up. We still have a fight ahead of us but we can win; all of us can win. On the business front, it hasn’t been a great year but we have plans in place to make next year one of the most exciting and value adding to the industry since we launched FleetWatch back in 1993. We’ve already linked up with a number of industry partners to bring some new initiatives to the trucking party. Let’s do it. God Bless you all and please stay safe – both on the roads and from Covid. We luvya all!

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