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Isuzu Remains Resilient with Flexible Commercial Solutions


Isuzu has remained resilient and competitive through the difficult trading conditions of the last 18 months as it adapts to the new normal. As the number one truck brand in South Africa, the company continues to provide business solutions with innovative initiatives such as off-the-shelf ready to work trucks and variable warranty programme for its range of light, medium, and heavy commercial vehicles.

Isuzu’s Ready To Work programme is designed to save customers time by supplying trucks which are ready to operate in a variety of medium, heavy and extra-heavy vehicle commercial applications as soon as the purchase transaction is complete. To do this, Isuzu has matched its most popular trucks with the most frequently ordered truck body applications with a total of 22 fully built truck and body types.

“Our Ready To Work programme allows us to facilitate faster delivery of new trucks to customers. This is key in our fluid and rapidly changing market where operators have to respond quickly to meet market demand or service new business contracts,” said Craig Uren, Senior Vice President Isuzu Sales and Marketing. 

Isuzu’s Ready To Work programme gives truck buyers the option of selecting from a menu of twenty-two different truck chassis and body combinations.

Popular cab and body combinations include configurations for applications such as water tankers, waste compactors, and hazardous chemical transporters.

To further enhance the Isuzu customer experience for truck customers, Isuzu Motors South Africa (IMSA) also offers an innovative aftersales solution in the form of Variable Warranty plans specifically tailored to fit the needs of short-, medium-, or long-haul operators. 

The Isuzu Variable Warranty Plan is the first of its kind in South Africa and allows greater flexibility for truck customers. In addition to the standard two-year unlimited kilometre warranty, customers and operators can opt-in on a Variable Warranty plan, extending the warranty period to either three-, four- or five-years.

The Variable Warranty Plan is available at no additional upfront cost on all new Isuzu truck chassis cabs across the N-Series, F-Series, and FX-Series ranges purchased and operating in South Africa, however, this excludes truck bodies and certain applications such as tippers, compactors and mixers.

The Variable Warranty Plan is valid from the date of sale of a new vehicle to the original retail purchaser up to a maximum of 500 000 km on N-Series trucks, and 700 000 km on F- and FX-Series trucks. Maintenance terms and conditions apply to the specific Variable Warranty selected.

Visit https://isuzu.co.za/warranty for additional information.

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