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Battery electric trucks dominate the Hannover IAA Show


One of the world’s largest and most important truck shows – the IAA Transportation 2022 – was held in Hannover, Germany from September 20 to 25th. FleetWatch was unable to make it this year but Maretha Gerber, Vice President: Sales and Marketing, Daimler Truck Southern Africa, took time out during her visit to the show to chat remotely to Editor Patrick O’Leary about the latest trends in the European market and how they relate to South Africa. As she points out in the accompanying video interview, eMobility drivetrains and sustainable transport solutions for the future dominated the exhibits. South Africa has a long way to go and will be stuck with diesel for many years to come. However, Gerber is confident that we will, in time, see such vehicles operating on our roads, starting with the smaller distance battery electric vehicles such as provided by the FUSO new generation eCanter range and later – once charging infrastructure is up and running – the larger long-haul trucks such as the LongHaul eActros, a concept prototype of which made its debut at the show. Are you listening Eskom?

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