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Avoid N3 Harrismith Montrose area


Date: 26 October 2021 – 8:49

FleetWatch has received an urgent call from the RTI for transporters to park their trucks if using the N3TC until further notice. The N3TC is completely blocked around the Montrose area with a huge backlog of traffic both North and South. The Tugela Plaza has been cleared up the hill but we have been advised to ask all transporters to stay off the N3TC.

9:00 – A call came in from a source in Harrismith who was able to share the images and videos below. He has confirmed the N3 is blocked from Monstrose down to Harrismith. Further to this, he has confirmed that the N5 is also blocked and there has been a collision on the junction at N5 and the R74 involving a truck, minibus, and bus with fatalities.

Please avoid the N3 at this stage.

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