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Truck drivers at the Vaal 1-Stop – south bound on the N3 – were handed out meals as a partnership venture between FleetWatch magazine and Ashraful AID, a Humanitarian Organisation which is doing so much good on many fronts during the COVID-19 crisis.

The meals – 500 of them – were prepared and supplied by Ashraful AID. The N3TC pledged the funds to provide the meals towards the project. They were delivered this afternoon by the good folk at Ashraful AID who drove all the way down from Johannesburg to take the meals to this venue. Thanks must also go to Dup Du Preez from Zimele Truck Stop Enterprises and his team who are handing out the meals to the drivers so as to avoid the Ashraful AID guys having to travel back to Jo’burg late at night.

Truck drivers at the Vaal 1-Stop – south bound on the N3 – were handed out meals.

The hand out ran from 17h00 to 21h00 and any meals left over will be stored in a freezer and handed out on the East side (north-bound) on Friday the 31st April 2020.  Apart from being a thank you to the truck drivers, this also meets a dire need for the drivers to get a good meal as they have battled to get food on the road due to food outlets being closed under to lockdowns regulations.

Dup told Patrick O’leary, the Editor of FleetWatch that one driver had only two small yoghurts in his cab as his meal for the night. He was so happy and grateful to receive a proper meal.

Well done to all and a special thanks to Ashraful AID. To the drivers – thank you for what you are doing for South Africa and enjoy the meal. God Bless you all.

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