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RFA introduces on-line service for loads

RFA’s Chief Executive Officer Gavin Kelly: “The aim of our Operational Conference is to give attendees the tools, knowledge and networks that they need to support them in these uneasy times.”

With demand for road freight plummeting and increasing costs for trucking companies amidst the stringent Lockdown restrictions, trucking companies are under increasing pressure to transport goods when their trucks are not filled to capacity, have empty vehicles standing or have ‘dead legs’ – or empty hauls – one way. 

To assist its members and the industry, the Road Freight Association (RFA) has added a new benefit for its members: an online platform on its website which details available loads/capacity and vehicles. Anyone can list for free but only RFA members will be able to view all the details online.

Announcing this new offering, Chief Executive Gavin Kelly said: “Operating a trucking company is complex and challenging at the best of times. With COVID-19 and Lockdown, however, it has become even tougher. Truckers need to deliver goods to their clients but with dwindling volumes, some are being forced to deliver at a loss. Our new facility enables members to consolidate their loads and move goods more efficiently and cost-effectively. It makes perfect business sense!”

The system is easy to use and available 24/7. All that members need to do is list the details of the available trucks or loads they have or need (type of vehicle required, date required, area and route) and provide their contact details. All details are fully visible to RFA members and members can engage with each other directly.

“There is no middleman and the RFA makes no commission – nor do we charge any fee,” says Kelly, adding that this new service is one of several new initiatives the RFA is bringing to its members over the coming months.

According to Kelly, response from members has been excellent with many uploading their requests and logging in on a daily basis to check availability and opportunities. “This is just one more way the RFA is able to leverage its strengths for the benefit of all its members. By working together through the Association, individual operators and the broader road freight industry is stronger.

“The new realities of our new world mean that, as a trade association, the RFA needs to be agile and even more responsive to the changing needs of its members,” says Kelly. “The RFA is committed to doing this. I believe that this next addition to our range of membership benefits can have a big, positive impact on members.”

Kelly encourages trucking companies of all sizes to join the Association: “We are stronger together.”

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