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Recovery After Lockdown Webinar



With the majority of truck fleets having operated at partial capacity and many more totally parked off during Level- 5 and Level- 4 of the COVID-19 lockdown, many millions of Rand have been lost across the industry over the past two months. This is revenue lost forever. It can never be recaptured.

It is now imperative that fleets aim for maximum transport efficiency and productivity. Every drop of fuel and every kilometre counts. It is here where telematics can play a crucial role in helping transport operators to achieve their aims.

In this webinar, we will be talking to various experts on the impact of the lockdown on the trucking industry as well as on the role telematics can play in helping operators rise from the dark hole of the
lockdown period and drive their businesses forward into a sustainable future.

Our panel members are:

  • Chairman: Patrick O’Leary, Managing Editor, FleetWatch
  • Harry Louw, CEO of Cartrack
  • Gavin Kelly: CEO, Road Freight Association
  • Mike Schussler: Economist.
  • Operator: Cartrack client

This webinar is partnered by Cartrack

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