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Recovery After Lockdown Webinar Recording


With the majority of truck fleets having operated at partial capacity and many more totally parked off during Level- 5 and Level- 4 of the COVID-19 lockdown, many millions of Rand have been lost across the industry over the past two months. This is revenue lost forever. It can never be recaptured.

It is now imperative that fleets aim for maximum transport efficiency and productivity. Every drop of fuel and every kilometer counts. It is here where telematics can play a crucial role in helping transport operators to achieve their aims.

In the webinar, the panelists spoke about the impact of the lockdown on the trucking industry as well as on the role telematics can play in helping operators rise from the dark hole of the lockdown period and drive their businesses forward into a sustainable future.

Chairman: Patrick O’Leary, Managing Editor, FleetWatch

Publisher and Managing Editor of FleetWatch magazine, Patrick has been reporting on the trucking industry in Southern Africa for the past 44 years, both as an external observer and an insider to the Industry. His knowledge and network of contacts in the industry is extensive.

Chairman: Elize Kruger, Economist, Carpediem

Elize Kruger is an independent economist with 25 years’ experience in both macro and microeconomics.  She has worked and excelled in the stockbroking industry as well as in the health and energy sectors.  Currently, she is involved in the piped-gas industry and has a keen interest in the energy sector, while keeping informed on general economic developments. Recently, she consulted to the hedge fund manager KADD Capital and an Oxford Economics associate company, NKC African Economics. She compiles forecasts of key macroeconomic metrics and publishes in-depth reports, while also delivering frequent media commentary and publishing research briefs on important economic events as and when they occur in the South African economy.  Previous clients include Mediswitch, Synntech Consulting Engineers Vunani Securities, Nodus Capital, Thebe Securities, Kagiso Securities, Sasol, Department of Public Enterprises (DPE), the National Pathology Group (NPG), South African Society of Physiotherapists and the South African Medical Association (SAMA). 

Gavin Kelly, RFA

The Technical & Operations Manager for the Road Freight Association (RFA) of South Africa. Gavin is at the forefront of negotiating with the various authorities and stakeholders much of the legislation and policies that affects road transport operations in South Africa.

Harry Louw, CEO of Cartrack

Harry Louw is the current Chief Executive Officer for Cartrack South Africa. With 25 years of vehicle tracking industry experience, Louw holds considerable industry knowledge and insight. He has held senior positions within seasoned leadership teams in the telematics industry, and has contributed considerably towards the industry’s growth and development.

Before joining Cartrack, Louw held numerous senior management positions at Altech Netstar, and left the company as Managing Director after nine years in April 2018. Louw’s list of career achievements stems from a deep understanding of business strategy and operations and an outstanding record of achievement in his various roles within the telematics industry.

Recovery After Lockdown Recording

This webinar is partnered by Cartrack

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