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FUSO donates a Canter Eco Hybrid to upskill apprentices

Ziyad Gaba, Head of FUSO Trucks Southern Africa (left), hands over a Canter Eco Hybrid to Thandeka Mobiyane, general manager of Motus Technical Academy to be used in the training up of artisans.

One of the big problems facing the trucking sector is a shortage of skilled artisans – particularly diesel mechanics. There are a number of reasons for this, one being that the computer age heralded in new skills sets where, at the top levels, mechanical engineering started to take second place behind computer science. Actually, everything started to take a back-seat to computer skills with the traditional respected title of ‘tradesman’ being pushed off its former podium into the background. Wrong thing to do!

It is thus FleetWatch welcomes the news that FUSO has donated a Canter Eco Hybrid to the Motus Technical Academy to aid in giving first-hand experience for apprentices to work on the latest model of trucks in the diesel trade. Equipping technicians with the necessary skills is key to delivering the best service support and supreme customer service for automotive brands.

FUSO boasts a long-standing relationship with the Motus Technical Academy in both their transport and dealer automotive businesses. Cargo Commercial Vehicles Germiston, a division of the Motus Group, is the flagship FUSO dealer in the East Rand region, which houses the Motus Technical Academy.

“We’ve had several introductions including tours at the Motus Technical Academy and were not only inspired by the work undertaken by Motus but wanted to also play a role in helping to elevate the skills of the artisans. We have no doubt that the advanced Canter Eco Hybrid will effectively deliver on this objective,” says Ziyad Gaba, Head of FUSO Trucks Southern Africa.

Commenting on the donation, Thandeka Mobiyane, general manager of Motus Technical Academy says: “There is a great need in South Africa to educate and drive initiatives that promote job creation. Working on the Canter Eco Hybrid will further assist in building practical competencies required for artisans before they can work on customer trucks at the dealerships. In addition, the vehicle will be used for identifying different components and layouts of the Hybrid model due to the unique safety features that the truck possesses such as braking, steering and fuel systems”

Quality training is key to the Motus Technical Academy and Motus is passionate about producing world-class technicians who are effective and productive in their jobs upon qualification.

“Given the dynamic nature of the automotive industry and the new model of vehicles manufactured today, we believe this donation will enhance the quality training provided to apprentices in the industry, in particular the diesel mechanic trade,” says Thandeka.

Oops! My electricity has just gone out and it’s not an Eskom outage. Who shall I call to get it back on so I can charge up my computer? The computer scientist perhaps? Nah! He won’t have a clue. I’ll call the electrician. He’s an artisan and will get me up and running again. Yeah! Up artisans and well done to FUSO for supporting them.

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