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Fuel price set for February spike

February is going to bring pain at the pumps with fuel prices expected to rise substantially.

Fuel prices are set for a significant spike when the price for February is adjusted next week. This is according to the Automobile Association (AA), which was commenting on unaudited month-end fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund.

The Association says the industry can expect diesel to rise by up to 59 cents per litres, petrol to rise by up to 82 cents a litre and illuminating paraffin by 60 cents. It cautions that South Africans are once again vulnerable to Rand weakness.

“Unfortunately, our mid-month concerns over the advancing oil price have been borne out in practice. There has been a slow but steady rise in the price of oil which is likely to cause on-going pain at the pumps. Almost all the fuel price increases reflected by this month’s data are attributable to the stronger oil price and the average Rand/US dollar exchange rate has remained generally flat for the month, despite some large daily swings.”

The AA notes that the Rand dropped to an all-time low of over R19 to the dollar last April and the currency has since appreciated to approximately its pre-COVID-19 level. 

“The record low exchange rate fortunately went hand-in-hand with record low oil prices, so the impact went largely unnoticed as fuel prices plunged. But economic or policy shocks which weigh on the Rand are likely to have a more significant effect on the fuel price now that international oil prices have rebounded,” the Association concludes.

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